The St. Louis directory and register :
Fenn, Zeno, physician , 39 north Main, above north A
Ferguson, Alexander, merchant , 7 north Main—d. h.dwelling house
south-east corner Fifth and Market
Ferguson, George W.85 south Church
Ferguson, Peter, plasterer and justice of the peace ,
north C, above Fifth
Ferrary, rev.reverend Andreas, professor of ancient languages,
and director of the St. Louis college , south Church
Finney, John, North F, above Fifth
Fitter, William, grocer , 45 north Main, n. e.northeast corner B
Fitzgerald, Michael F.grocer , 77 north Church above C
Fitzsimmons, James, grocer , south church, below F
Flandrin, Antoine, south church, below F
Fleming, Robert, typographer , at the office of the St.
Forsyth, Thomas, Indian Agent , 192 north Main, north-
west corner I
Fouché, Francois, carpenter , north E, above Fifth
Foughlin, John, grocer , north Water, above Team Boat
FountaineFelix, labourer , n. e.northeast corner north Third & D
Frame, John, blacksmith , 77 north main—d. h.dwelling house 80 north
Freeman, D. lateinnkeeper , s. w.southwest corner south Third & D
Fry, Jacob, victualler , stall 2 market house—d. h.dwelling house north
Fourth, above C