The St. Louis directory and register :
Keating, Timothy, cordwainer , north D, above Church
Keesacker, John grocer, 19 south C, above main
Keese, Absalom, carpenter , north C, above main
Kells, Thomas, labourer , north F, above Fifth
Kelly, Robison, chair maker , 21 south C, above main
Kennedy, John, grocer , 68 north Third above C
Kennedy, William, grocer , ``Hole in the Wall,'' north
Water, below H
Kennerly J. & G. H. merchants, 57 north main, above B
Kerigan, Roger, carpenter , north Third, above E
Kerr, Bell & merchants, I north main, north-east
corner Market
Kerr, John, merchant , I north main, n. e.northeast corner market
Kimble, Dudley, 85 south Church, below south C
Kirker, James, grocer , north Water, above Team Boat
Klunk, Joseph, stone cutter, north A above Church