The St. Louis directory and register :
Macfaden, Mary, south Third, below G
Mackey, James, brick house west of the church street
Macklin, William, teacher , s. w.southwest corner north G & church
d. h.dwelling house north of the Bastian
Magenis, Arthur, attorney at law , 29 north church, above
north A
Maguire, John, laborer , 182 north main above north H
Malard, H.Indian trader , n. e.northeast corner so.D and church
March, Clement, merchant , 84 south main, below south C
Marly, F. widow, south church, s. e.southeast corner G
Marly, Louis, south church, below G
Marly, Michael, tavern keeper and victualler , south
church, below G, stall 7 market house
MarlyMichael, jr.junior boatman , south church below G
Marsh, Daniel, painter and glaizer , 85 south church
Martin, Charles. copper smith , s. w.southwest corner north D and
Martin, John, prefect of the studies , St. Louis college
Mason, Ann, widow, south Third, below south A
Mason, Richard, physician , 37 north main, below B
Massey, David, Missouri hotel , 168 north main, s. w.southwest
corner north H
Mathurin, Jean Beptiste, south church , s. w.southwest corner B
May, James, cordwainer , 57 south main