The St. Louis directory and register :
Paddock, Gaius, boarding house , 24 north Main,
n. w.northwest corner north A.
Page, Daniel D.baker , 81 south Main
Papin, Joseph, grocer south west corner north Third &
north E.
Papin, Laforce, Indian Trader , 90 north main, above
north D.
Papin, Leber, blacksmith , 84 north Main, above A
Papin, Villeray, blacksmith , 84 north Main
above A.
Parizien, Victor, boatman , 22 south Third, below
Park, Mrs. widow, south D. above main.
Parks, Arthur, south Church below south J.
Parmele, Sylvanus, musician , 85 south Church
Paul, Gabriel, auctioneer and commission merchant ,
73 north Main above north C.
Paul and Ingram , merchants, 17 south Main, first
house below the market
Paul, Nathan, merchant , 17 south Main
Paul, René, 65 north Main, n. e.northeast corner north C.