The St. Louis directory and register :
Paxton, John A.inquire 60 north Main street
Payne, Nathaniel driver , south Church, be-
low south I
Peck, James at law , south Fourth, below
Pell, Jonathan, drayman , 128 south Main, below E
Peltier, madame , widow, 118 south Main corner E.
Pendleton, Joseph, student of medicine , s. w.southwest corner
Third and south D
Pendleton, Zebalon, teacher , do do
Perras, James, south Church, above south C
Peters, Thomasboatman , south Church below south G
Peterson, Henry, labourer , south F above Church
Petit, Louis, south Third n. w.northwest corner south G
Philibert, Gabriel, tavern keeper , north Water, n. w.northwest
corner F
Philibert, Joseph, 135 north Main n. e.northeast corner north F
Philipson, Joseph, merchant , 56 north Main
Pierre, , see Duchouquet
Pitzer, George, north Third, above north A.
Pocock, Henry, ornamental painter south A. above
south Main
Porter, Joseph, cabinet maker , north C. above main
Potter, John C.lumber master and Tyler to the ma-
sonic lodge , office north Water cornor of north E.
d. h.dwelling house 83 north Church
Powers, James, Market above Main
Pratte, Bernad, merchant 7 north Main, above Mar-
Price, Christopher, 12 south Third below Marke
Price, Risden H.north Church n. w.northwest corner B
Primau, Paul, north Third above north B.
Primm, Peter, tailor , 45 south Main—d hdwelling house south B. a-
bove church
Provanche, John Louis, N Enortheast cornor north B. and-
Provanchere, Psouth Church, west side, above the