The St. Louis directory and register :
Ramsay, James, grocer , north Third, above
north E.
Ranken, Hugh, 25 north Main, above north A
Ranken, Robert, merchant , 25 north Main, above
north A.
Rankin John & Samuel , tanners and curriers, south
F above Main
Rawlings, Margaret, mantua maker , 9 Jones' row
Reams, John, tailor , 85 south Church, below C
Rector, colonel Elias, post master , office north A above
Main—d. h.dwelling house north Third on the hill above Bequet's
Rector, Stephen, surveysor , n. e.northeast corner, south C. and
Rector, general William, surveyor of the U.United States
lands in Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansaw , ofice
west of Bennet's
Regis, Vasseur, N. 78 south Third, s. w.southwest corner C.
Reed, mrsChloe, widow of captain Jacob , south D.
above Fifth
Regnier, Francis, teacher of French , south Church,
NW.northwest corner south F
Reilly, Robert, porter-house , 9 south C. above Main
Renard, Hyacinthe, north Main, near the Ox mill.
Renshaw, Wm.Williammerchant , 52 south Third, NW.northwest corner
Reynolds, Fabritius, 82 and 85, south Church, below