The St. Louis directory and register :
Sale, Jeansouth Third, below south G.
Sale, Lambert, south Third n. w.northwest corner south I.
Salois, Joseph, 81 north Third, above north C.
Samuel Giles M. and merchants, 65 north Main
n. e.northeast corner north C.
Sanguinet, Marie Anne, widow, 49 south Main
Sanguinet, Simon, south Church, s. w.southwest corner S. Esoutheast
Sarpy, G.merchant , 31 north Main, above north A
Sarpy, John B.merchant , 11, & d. h.dwelling house 31, north Main.
Sarrade, John, confectioner, and cordial distiller , 54
North Main
Saugrain, Madame, widow, SW.southwest corner South Church
and J
Saulnier, Michael G.professor of languages , St. Louis
Savage, William H.auctioneer and commission mer-
chant , 66 south main, below south B.
Scaveuer, Joseph, carpenter , south Third, SW.southwest corner
Schatler, David, victualler , stall 3 market house
Schewe, Christopher Frederick, painter and glazier ,
south Church, above C.
Scollin, John, grocer , north Water, N W.northwest corner C.
Scott, Alexander, merchant , 72 north Church
Scott, Moses, justice of the peace , south B. above Fourth
Scott & Rule , merchants, 72 north Church above north
Seward, Benjamin J, merchant , south C.SW.southwest corner