The St. Louis directory and register :
Waddle Henry, & James Ramsay , grocers
north Third above north E
Wahrendorff, Charles, merchant , store 4 & d hdwelling house 43
north Main
Walker, David V.physician , office 68 north Main—
d. h.dwelling house on the hill opposite the Bastian
Walker, rev.reverend Jesse, south Third, below D.
Walker, Johndeputy sheriff at the Jail
Wallace Howel & Cocompany merchants 19 south Main, below
the market
Wallace, James B.merchant 19 south Main
Walsh, Hester, grocer 70 south Main
Walsh, P.auctioneer and commission merchant , 29
north Main
Ward, rev.reverend Dr.rector of the episcopal Church , south
Fourth, below F.
Ward, Amos, cordwianer , south D above Church
Ward & Rollins , cord wainers 38 north Main
Wash & Carr attorneys at law 123 south Main, S. Esoutheast
cornor of south E.
Wash, Robert, attorney at law , 123 south Main, d hdwelling house
on the hill, n. w.northwest of the Bastian
Warner, Jabez, constable of St. Louis township , north
Fourth above north C.
Watt, James, grocer , south Third below A.
Wetmore, Alphonse'pay master in the U. S.United States army ,
north Third opposite the Bastian