The St. Louis directory and register :
Benet, Madam, widow 206 north Main
Bennet, William, Mansion house hotel , n. e.northeast corner north
Third and E
Benoit, Catharine S. widow, 118 south Main, north-
west corner E
Benson, William H.printer , 51 south Main
Bent, John, deputy clerk of the county court , over the
county court room
Bent, Silas, clerk of the county court , office over the coun-
ty court room, Market, above Fourth
Benton, Thomas at law , north F above Church
bear Bennet's
Berthold, Bartholomew, merchant , 11 north Main
Berthold & Chouteau , fur merchants, 11 north Main
Biddle, major Thomas, of the U.United States' army , 99 south
Main; s. e.southeast corner south D
Bienvenus, Eugene, cabinet maker , south Church below
Billon, Charler, clock and watch maker , 23 north Main,
n. e.northeast corner north A
Bissonnet, Ambroise, north C, above Third
Blair, Daniel, watch marker, &c. 35, south Main
Blanchard, George, keeper of the Green Tree inn , 85
south Church, below C
Block, Eleazer, attorney at law , north Church, n. e.northeast cor-
ner B
Blood, Sullivan, deputy constable , north Fourth, above
north C
Blotnear, Mathias, victualler , 7 Market house—d. h.dwelling house
south Church, below the bridge
Bobb John and William , brick makers, n. e.northeast corner
south Seventh and A
Bompart, François, blacksmith , south D, above Main—
d. h.dwelling house s. e.southeast corner south Third and G
Bompart, Louis, cashier of the Missouri bank , 6 north
Boss Daniel C. & merchants, 68 south Main, below
south B
Bosseron, Charles, blacksmith , 46 north Main, n. w.northwest cor-
ner of north B
Bothick, John, stone mason , 85 north Third, s. e.southeast corner
north D