The St. Louis directory and register :
Cox, Caleb, merchants , 3 north Main
Cozens, Horatio, attorney at law , office 32 south Church — d. h.dwelling house in the rear of 51 south Main, n. e.northeast corner south B
Craig, William, hatter 78 south Church, s. w.southwest corner
south C
Crawford, John, grocer and commission merchant , 1
Market, n. w.northwest corner of Water
Crély, François, carpenter , n. e.northeast corner Market & Third
Crevier, Antoine, near the north bastian, above Bennet's
Crutsinger, Alfred, hatter , 77 north Church, above north
Cummins, James C.publisher of the Gazette , 51 south
Main, n. e.northeast corner south B
Cuyler, David in the land agency office ,
south A, above main
Cyle, Adam, carpenter , 22 south Third, below Market