Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory

The Boonslick
Marine & Fire Insurance Company ,
Of Rocheport, Mo.Missouri

Are prepared to insure the hulls or cargoes of Steam Boats
or other vessels, from loss, either of sea or river navigation;
merchandise in stores; stores, dwellings or other buildings,
and property, from loss or damage by fire; shipments of
bullion or specie; remittances by mail, etc.

GeorgeKnox, , President .

J. W.Wilson, , Secretary .

GeorgeKnox, , Directors .

C. R.Harris, , Directors .

J. A.Hadwer, , Directors .

JohnWard, , Directors .

WarrenWoodson, , Directors .

WashKnox, , Directors .

O.Parker, , Directors .

C.Peebles, , Directors .

H. L.Boon, , Directors .

The undersigned having been appointed agent for the
company is now prepared to take risks at the customary

DavidTatum, ,
15, Front street, St. Louis.