Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory

B. L.Turnbull, ,

[missing figure]

Bookseller And Stationer ,
No. 132, First street,
St. Louis,
Has on hand a valuable and extensive assortment of Law, Medical, Theological,
Classical, Miscellaneous and School Books.

All kinds of Blank Books on hand, or made to order: Day Books, Jour-
nals, Ledgers, Record Books, Letter Books, Bill Books, Note Books, Bank Books,
Freight Books, Pass Books, Steamboat Books, &c.

B.L.T. has opened a Paper Warehouse on First street, where he will
keep constantly on hand a general assortment of Paper, consisting of Demy,
Medium, Royal, Super Royal, Imperial, and Mammoth Printing Paper; Cap, Let-
ter, Folio Post, Wrapping and Tea Paper; Bonnet Boards, &a. &c.

Having accepted of the agency for the Clinton Paper Mill, he will engage to
furnish Printers of newspapers with a constant supply of Printing Paper to their
order, at short notice.

☞ All new Publications received direct from the publishers, by the earliest

☞ Orders for Binding thankfully received, and executed with punctuality and