Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory

Watches, Jewellery,
Military Goods.

Mead &A Driance ,
Corner of Pine and First streets,
St. Louis,
Importers and Wholesale Dealers in
Watches, Clocks, Vases, Silver plated Brittania and Ja-
panned Ware, Lamps, Table & Pocket Cullery, Guns,
Pistols, and Sporting apparatus; Military Goods,
Jewellery, Looking-glasses & Plates, Perfumery,
Musical Instruments, and Fancy Goods
generally; Watch Glasses, Tools,
and Watch materials.

Mead & Adriance are constantly receiving additions to
their stock, making their assortment at ail times full and
complete, which will be sold on liberal terms. They would
respectfully invite country dealers to examine their stock
and prices.