Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory

St. Louis to that enviable consideration, which will class
this city among the great emporiums of commerce which
fill and adorn the pages of the annalist.

If vegetation should fail; if sunshine and rain should
withhold their accustomed offices, and no longer fertilize
the earth; if our mighty rivers—the extent and magnitude
of which are deemed fabulous by millions who have not
beheld them—should cease to flow, then will St. Louis be
arrested in her onward march to greatness,—but not 'till

The latitude of St. Louis is one of the essential advan-
tages of its location. Emigrants from the extreme north-
ern sections of the Union, and from the colder regions of
Europe, may here find a period of the winter season which
shall sufficiently remind them of the their sever-
al places of nativity, and brace them up for the endurance
of our long summers. The inhabitants of lower latitudes
may likewise repair to this point for business purposes, or
to attain a salubrious location, and secure a temporary or
permanent abode in a genial climate. The mighty march
of improvement, in sweeping over the surface of the civil-
ized sections of the earth, has not exempted the fair regions
which surround us from the impress of the arts and scien-
ces. The cunning contrivances which genius substitutes
for brute force, and which contribute so much to the ad-
vantage of the human family, currently reach us by those
means of communication, which outstrip in speed "the
wild horse's wilder sire!"

Little remains for us to do beyond the ordinary atten-
tion to our vocations, with diligence suited to our cupidity,
or love of independence, and that proportion of public
spirit, the expenditures or sacrifices of which reason should
and will direct.