Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Carter, Wm.William (col'dcolored ) laborer , 48, Poplar
Craly, Mrs.washerwoman , 57, Cedar
Caya, Antoine, RLombard, bbetween Second and Third
Caya, Michael, RLombard, bbetween Second and Third
Carpenter, C. J.M.D. office basement story, 20 Chestnut
Coxe, H. S.R29, Chestnut,
Cooper, Mrs. boarding house, 39, Chestnut
Central, Hall, (J.Maguire, , proprietor ,) 64, Chestnut
Calvert, John, livery "stable keeper , 65, Chestnut
Conrad, Adam, blacksmith , 74, Pine
Corley, W. chair manufactorv, 26, Pine—R 32, Pine
Call, G. W.M.D. office 31, Pine
Cook, D. , office 31 1-2, Olive
Clark, Matilda, (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , Olive, bbetween Second and
Carter, Jane, (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , Olive, bbetween Second and
Chadwick, Isaac, plasterer , R68, Olive
Collins, Martin, R118, Olive
Clemens, JamesJr.junior R20, ccorner Sixth and Chestnut
Christy, Wm.William (Woods, C. & ) R62, ccorner Olive and Sixth
Chapman, John, carpenter , R19S,nnorth Sixth
Conn, Jos. H. (C. Sprigg & Greene ,) Rnnorth Sixth, bbetween Wash
and Carr
Craig, Alex, blacksmith , Rnnorth Seventh, bbetween Biddle and Carr
Carter, R. u nnorth Seventh, bbetween Chestnut and Pine
Clark, J. J.M.D. office 17, Locust
Charles & Fooshee , paintets and glaziers , 19, Locust
Cramer, H.professor of music , 39, Locust
Campbell, C.M.D. office 40. Locust
Carter. Powers & coachmakers , Locust, ccorner Fifth
Corse, Wm.Williamprinter , Rrear 47, St. Charles
Cabanne, J. B.R28, Vine
Catton, dresser , 23, Vine
Cattermole, J. boarding house, ccorner Oak and Third
City Brewery . Cherry, , bbetween Second and Third
Cox, Jacob, drayman , Green, bbetween Tenth and Eleventh
Carlisle, David, stone mason , Green, bbetween Tenth and Eleventh
Conwav, P. , 57, Green
Craft, J. L.M.D. 66, Green
Cummiskey & McAdams , boot and shoemakers , 28, Green