Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Carter, Henry, Rccorner Seventh and Biddle
Corbin, A. R.R32, Morgan,
Cole, John, R46, Morgan,
Collier, Ely, carpenter , Wash,bbetween Sixth and Seventh
Crozier, Alexander, blacksmith , Carr,bbetween Fifth and Sixth
Chambers, Francis, blacksmith , Carr, bbetween Fifth and Sixth
Drake, Silas, dry goods store, No. 6, ssouth First street
Donegan, J. J. dry goods store, 30 1-2, ssouth First
Douglass, T. R46, ssouth First
Dallam, R. B. boarding house, 73 and 75, ssouth First.
Deitz, W. A.confectioner , 79, ssouth First
Daggett, John D.R80, ssouth First
Dickerhoff, Christian, stone-cutter , 129, ssouth First
Dreyer, G. W. (Johnstone, D. & Trowbridge ,) R53, ssouth Second
Dowling, , 75, ssouth Second
Denny, Jas.butcher , rresidence ssouth Second, bbetween Lombard and Hazel
Daby, Mrs. widow, ssouth wwest ccorner Second and Hazel
Denny, Thomas, butcher , 270, ssouth Second
Dinnies, A. J.grocer and commission merchant , 3, nnorth Front
Dixon, D. W.wholesale grocer and commission merchant ,
38, nnorth Front
Dunseth C. & grocers and commission merchants , 42,
nnorth Front
Davis H.N. & commission and forwarding merchants ,
61, nnorth Front
Davis, A. C. hardware, grocery and dry goods store, ccorner Oak
and First
Deforest, J. in stoves and hollow ware , 130, nnorth
Dubreuil, C. B. boot and shoe store, 123, nnorth First
Deaver, L. clothing store and carpet ware-house, 126, ccorner
First and Vine.
Dinnies J.C. & booksellers and stationers , 74, ccorner
First and Olive
Dupre, E.lithographer , 64 1-2, nnorth First
Darby, J. , 63, nnorth First
Denage, Stephen, grocer , 55, nnorth First
Deaver, L. clothing store, 15, nnorth First
Demoulin, John Baptiste, laborer , 10, nnorth Second
Dallam, M.R12, nnorth Second