Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Dings, F. R.brush maker , 28, Olive
Davis, John, attorney-at-law , office 31, Olive
Davis, A. , office 31, Olive
Davis & Spurr , land agents , 31, Olive
Delphi Coffee House , (W.Willey, , proprietor .) 33, Olive
Depas, J.importer of wines , 65, Olive
Deal, Conrad, butcher , rresidence 62 1-2, Prune
Day, —, locksmith , 56, Prune
Darley, J. L.cabinet maker , rresidence Prune, b Second and Third
Durham, Hannah, (col'dcolored woman,) Prune, bbetween First and Second
Davies, E.painter , Prune, bbetween Front and First
Davies, Wm.Williamgrocer , Prune, bbetween Front and First
Deer, W.tailor , 1, Oak
Delany, Dr. office Oak, bbetween Front and First
Dobyns, James, carpenter , rresidence 25, Oak
Disharoon, T. L.aWashington avenue, bbetween Fourth and Fifth
Dav, E.carpenter , Green, bbetween Tenth and Eleventh
De Mier, J. R.rresidence 47, Green,
Davis, Miss, school teacher , ccorner Morgan and Fourth
Davenport, —, accountant , rresidence Morgan, bbetween Fourth and Fifth
Duffey, Miss, dress-maker , ccorner Locust and Third
Dagget, Leslie, blacksmith , rresidence 78, Locust
Dafnbrook, Adam, carter , 100, ccorner St. Charles and Fifth
Demun, J. (register land office,) rresidence 50, nnorth Sixth
Dowler, Thomas, carpenter , 99, nnorth Sixth
Daggett, Milton, private boarding house, 146, nnorth Sixth
Dyer, Abner, carpenter , nnorth Sixth, bbetween Wash and Franklin
Dunbar, Nancy, sempstress , nnorth Sixth, ccorner of Wash
DeYoung, Michael, rresidence nnorth Seventh, bbetween Washington Avenue
and Green
Duncan, Jonathan, (colored man,) 48, nnorth Fourth
Dresser, Thos.carpenter , rresidence 97, nnorth Fourth
De Forrest, Jacob P.rresidence nnorth Fifth, bbetween Wash and Carr
Dobyns, Edward, rresidence ccorner Fifth and Wash
Dickson, D.rresidence Fifth, nnorth Franklin Avenue
Decamps, Mrs.washerwoman , 131, nnorth Fifth
Donohoe, David, laborer , 127, nnorth Fifth
Dwyer, Wm.WilliamSen. soap and candle manufacturer , 96, nnorth
Fifth—rresidence 98, ccorner St. Charles and Fifth
Dinnies, J. C. (J.C.D. & ) rresidence 76, nnorth Fifth