Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Fath, Jacob, grocery , 111, ssouth Fourth,
Farrell, Michael, grocer , 78, ccorner Second and Locust
Ford, Edward, boot and shoe-maker , 84, nnorth Second
Frontier Coffee House , (by P.Greek, ,) 121, ccorner Laurel and
Fields, Geo.laborer , e side Broadway
Fleming, Fred, engineeer , e side Broadway
Farnsworth, S. V.annorth Third, ccorner Green
Flannagen, Mathew, laborer , 76, nnorth Third
Friend, Gustavus, saddler , rresidence 132, ssouth Sixth
Funk, Adam, coffee house, Market, bbetween Eighth and Ninth
Foulks &. Shaw , tobacconists , 1, Walnut
Field, Easter, (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , 10, Elm
Femister, Edmund, accountant , rresidence 51, Elm
Fisse, Henry, rresidence 117, Elm
Fuller, , 5, Spruce
Fulton, Brewery, (Wainwright & Coutts , proprietors ,) 21,
Francis, —, rresidence 2, Plum
Fallet, J.locksmith , 42, Chestnut
Ferguson, John, carpenter , rresidence 87, Olive
Foster, John, blacksmith , 7, Laurel
Fowler, Mrs. boarding-house, 54, Oak
Fisher, Joseph, millwright , 60, Oak
Few, William, rresidence Willow, bbetween First and Second
Fouychey, Mrs. widow, Washington Av.Avenue bbetween Fourth & Fifth
Fay, M. (Moore & F. ) rresidence Washington avenue, bbetween Fifth and
Finney, John, (F., Lee & nnorth Washington avenue bbetween Fifth
and Sixth
Finney, William, (F., Lee & Washington avenue, bbetween
Fifth and Sixth
Ferguson, Peter, accountant , rresidence Washington av.bbetween Tenth
and Eleventh
Fishback, Mrs. widow, Green, bbetween Seventh and Eighth
Fanning, B., Green, bbetween Sixth and Seventh
Fuller, R.carpenter , rresidence Green, bbetween Third and Fourth
Framan, Henry, laborer , Franklin Av.Avenue bbetween Fourth and Fifth
Foshee, J. A.rresidence 55, Locust
Fitzgerald, Ed.carpenter , rresidence Locust, bbetween Fourth and Fifth
Fitzgerald, Francis, carpenter , rresidence Locust, bbetween Fourth and Fifth