Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Gamble, Archibald, attorney-at-law , rresidence 43, ssouth Third
Guitar, Louis, rresidence 69, ssouth Third
Gambrel, Thomas, R73, ssouth Third
Gower, Mrs. (col'dcolored woman,) 65, ssouth Third
Gebois, Joseph, 187, ssouth Third
Glasgow, Wm.William (G., Shaw & Larkin ,) rresidence 17, ssouth Fourth
Globe, Tavern, (T.Beaty, , proprietor ,) 6 & 8, Market square
Guitar, Madame, rresidence 61, ssouth Third
Gray, Thomas, blacksmith shop, 70, nnorth Second
Geisel & Vogle , furniture wareroom, 77, nnorth Second
Grundell, Wm.Williamrresidence nnorth Second, bbetween Oak and Cherry
Greene, Wm.William (Conn, Sprigg & G. ) rresidence nnorth Second, above
Greffet, G. A.rresidence nnorth Second, above Cherry
Grafdt, U.carpenter , 159, nnorth Third
Greason, Robert, carpenter , rresidence nnorth Third, bbetween Olive and Locust
Green, Room (by ErastusTracy, ,) ccorner Olive and Third
Griffin, John, (col'dcolored drayman ,) 45, ssouth Fifth
Gamier, J. V.rresidence 22, ssouth Seventh
Gonsollis, James, nnorth 34, Myrtle
Gallagher, John, laborer , 5, Spruce
Gangris, Peter, laborer , Almond, bbetween Second and Third
Guy, reMrs. widow, rresidence 71, Cedar
Grimsley, Thornton, (G. & Young ,) rresidence 23, Chestnut
Glazier, D.rresidence 106, Pine
Goodfellow, John, rresidence 94, Pine
Goodfellow, David, rresidence 90, Pine
Gilpin, , office Pine, bbetween Second and Third
Godier, Mrs. widow, 116, Olive
Gallagher, Peter, boot and shoemaker , Prune, bbetween Front and
Glenn, Milton, ship carpenter , Willow, bbetween Front and First
Grant, David, Green, bbetween Seventh and Eighth
George & Scheibel , bakers , 66 1-2, Green
Gazette Printing Office , ccorner Front and Locust
Gerke, J. P.26, Locust
Gray, Mrs.Mary, rresidence 60, Locust
Gerard, J. B.wagon-maker , 74, Locust
Gholson, Mrs.Sarah, boarding house, Locust, bbetween Third and
Galbraith, Samuel, drayman , 192, nnorth Sixth