Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Keemle, Charles, book, job and fancy letter-press printer ,
22, Olive—R 27, Olive
Keith, David, agent for the Bible and Tract Depository,
88, Market
King, Willis, (Warburton & K. ) R84, Market
Kisch, E. dry goods store, 63, Market
Katz, H. C.tailor , 59, Market
Kretier T. & dealers in tobacco, segars, &c. 30, Market
Kain, Miss, sempstress, &c. 88, Walnut
Kline, Edward, R70, Myrtle
Kennett, Mortimer, R59, Myrtle
Klau, Charles, cooper , R52, Spruce
Kern, Joseph, blacksmith , 54, Spruce—R 72, Spruce
Kroneman, F.laborer , 51, Cedar
King, H.m.d. office and R32, Chestnut
Kramer, -, R68, Pine
Keller & Ebner , distillers , 71, Olive
Keegan, C.boot and shoemaker , 73, Olive
Kilpatrick, George, laborer , 62, Prune
Klein, M.tailor , Oak, bbetween Front and First
Kimball, -, carpenter , R13, Oak
Kemlen, C. F.R60, Oak
Kans, Mrs.-, widow, Washington avenue, bbetween Fifth and
Ketchum, S. P., rresidence Green, bbetween Sixth and Seventh
Ken, Mrs.G. W. widow, 13, Morgan
Keller, Thomas, [col'dcolored man,] Morgan,bbetween Seventh and Eighth
Kreamer, Nicholas, rresidence Franklin avenue, b Fourth and Fifth
Kipthler, John, brass founder , R Franklin avenue, bbetween Fourth
and Fifth
Koch, H.watchmaker , 32, Locust
Kneedley, Gideon, plasterer , R47, St. Charles
Kneedley, Jacob, bricklayer , R47, St. Charles
Kingsbury, Jas. W.acting assistant commissary subsis-
tance V.S.A., office basement story, 28, Vine
Knox, J. M.tailor , 23 1-2, Vine
Knox, Samuel, attorney-at-law , 63, nnorth First
Ken Jno. & Aug. wholesale dealers in staple and fancy dry
goods, 1, nnorth cof First and Market
Kimni & Tewes , importers of dry and fancy goods, 3. nnorth