Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Kennedy, Augustin, city collector , 8, nnorth Second
Kincaid, Robt.drayman , 192, nnorth Sixth
Klaen, M.tailor , nnorth Seventh, bbetween Wash and Franklin Avenue
Klein, Peter, confectioner , 141, nnorth Seventh
Keesucker, Mrs.E. widow boarding-house, 19, ccorner Chestnut
and Fourth
Knight, Jas.R140, nnorth Fourth
Kerr, Mathew, Rnnorth Fifth, bbetween Morgan and Franklin Avenue
Knox, R. (Jones, Bacon & ) R178, ccorner Franklin Avenue
and Fourth
Knox, Dr.R183, nnorth Fifth
Kain, Daniel, drayman , R123 1-2, nnorth Fifth
Kerr, Augustus, (Jno. & Aug. Kerr ,) R58, corner Olive and
King, J. , office 58, ccorner Olive and Second
Kimball, -, carpenter , nnorth Second, bbetween Oak and Cherry
Keith, Michael, drayman , nnorth Second, bbetween Cherry and Franklin
Kinnear, Thos.grocer , Broadway
Kemper, H.laborer , Broadwav
Kienlen, C. F.grocer , 153, nnorth third
Kane, Paul, portrait painter , 96 1-2, nnorth Third
Kingslands & Lightner , manufacturers ot steam engines,
machinery, stoves, &c. 35, nnorth Front
Kyle, Robt.tobacconist , ccorner Green and First
Knox, Franklin, M.D. 148, nnorth First
Kramer, J.tailor , 92, nnorth First
Lewis, Martin, R154, nnorth Sixth street
Littleton, Wm.WilliamR164, nnorth Sixth
Lucas, J. C.R14, nnorth Seventh
Levi, S. J. clothine store, 51, nnorth First
Leduc, M. P. judge county court, office and rresidence 38, nnorth First
Lagrange House , by Williams &. Kinneer , 33, nnorth First
Little J. & F. cabinet makers , 21, nnorth First (up stairs)
Lyman Jas. & saddlery warehouse, 19, nnorth First
Low & Evens , family grocers , 22, nnorth Second, ccorner Chestnut
Low, Mrs.-, private boarding house, 45 1-2, nnorth Second
Leduc, J.dyer and scourer , 51, Locust
Littleton, Milley, (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , Vine
Lynch & Trask , furniture warerooms, 23 and 96, Vine