Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
McKee, Hiram, hat manufacturer , 41, nnorth First
Mylius, J. P.watchmaker and jeweller , 42, nnorth First
Meier A. & dealers in hardware and cutlery , 23, nnorth
Macauley & Son , carpet warehouse, 22, ccorner First and Chest-
nut [up stairs]
Manny, J. G. dealer in saddles and saddlery-hardware,
20, nnorth First [up stairs]
Meech, S. W.bookseller , stationer and bookbinder , 4, nnorth
Mickle E. & dealers in dry goods , 21, Market
Mayhew, William, confectioner , 50, nnorth Second
Magehan, J. M.carpenter , R17, nnorth Third
Mallender, James, tailor , 10, nnorth Third
Markham, George, portrait painter , nnorth Third, bbetween Market and
Maurette, Desire, (col'dcolored ) washerwoman , 71, nnorth Fourth
Mills, James, steam boatman , Third, bbetween Market and Chestnut
Mansion, House, (by A. L.Corson, ,) 79, ccorner Locust and Fourth
Macnamee, William, laborer , 176, nnorth Fourth
Myers, William, RC Biddle and Fifth
Martin, George, laborer , nnorth Fifth, bbetween Wash and Carr
Martin, Dr.E.R181, nnorth Fifth
Merritt, W. H.cabinet-maker , Rnnorth Fifth, bbetween Green and
MilburnGen'l, Wm.William (surveyor general's office,) 121, nnorth
Mayger, John, plain and ornamental plasterer , nnorth Fifth, bbetween
Green and Morgan
McDonagh, Mrs.Mary, family grocery , 101, ccorner St. Charles
and Fifth
McCabe, E. H. (Lane & McC. RUnion Hotel
Morrel, Justin, confectioner , 14, ssouth First
McVey, Thomas, tailor , 55, ssouth First
Maeder, John, coffee house, 34, ssouth First—R 36, ssouth First
Merckle, G.turner , 44, ssouth First
Monnier, Misses, mantua-makers , 50, ssouth First
Martin, James, city officer , R66, ssouth First
McLaughlin, Thos.drayman , 92, ssouth First
Milt, Jacob, laborer , 114, ssouth First
Morton, George, lumber yard , ssouth wwest ccorner Second and Walnut