Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Naegelins, Carl, coffee-house, 127, nnorth Third
North St. Louis Distillery , (by Smith & Green ,) north St.
Nugen, Patrick, boarding-house, 234, nnorth First
Neuberg, M.tailor and mender , 187, nnorth First
Nourse, S. boarding-house, 155½, nnorth First
Nelson, Wm.William H.boot and shoe-maker , 48, nnorth Second
Nelson, Thomas Somers, attorney-at-law , a 125, nnorth Fifth
Oliver, Alexander, tailor , No. 46, ssouth First street
Otenwelder, Martin, blacksmith , 131, ssouth First
Ochley, John, stone mason , 125, ssouth First
Ortesse, master , 160, ssouth Second
Oppelt, J. A.tailor , 64, ssouth Second
Ortesse, master , 202, ssouth Second
O'Hara, Dr.ccorner Third and Myrtle
O'Rourke, John, grocery and dry goods store , 7 and 8, ssouth
Front—R 123, ssouth Second
Osterloh, C. D.wholesale dry goods , 18, Market [up stairs]
Odenwelder, M.R1, Poplar
Ovrey, John, blacksmith , 18, Poplar
O'Blenis, R.livery stable keeper , 48, Chestnut
Oakford, William, R63, Pine
O'Neil, Mrs.—, widow, Green, bbetween Seventh and Eighth
O'Brien, Hugh, R64, Green
O'Brian, John, laborer , Biddle, bbetween Sixth and Seventh
Olthause, Henry, carpenter , nnorth Fourth, bbetween Olive and Pine
Office Superintendent Indian Affairs , Vine, bbetween Front and
Office Military Disbursing Agent Indian Department , Vine,
bbetween Front and First
Old Dominion Boarding-house , (by Camron & Langley ,)
60, ccorner Second and Olive
Office Receiver Public Monies , 149, nnorth Second
Ohl, Theodore, boot and shoe-maker , 92, nnorth Second
Old, Dominion, (by J.Cafferat, ,) 65, nnorth Front
Owens, Esram, coroner , 256, nnorth First
O'Neil, —, boot and shoe-maker , 146, nnorth First
Oakford A. & comb manufacturers and variety store,
82, nnorth First
O'Reilly, Mrs.Mary Ann, boarding school, 6, nnorth Second