Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Overmann, Fred.carpenter , Rnnorth Fifth, bbetween Morgan and Green
Orme, A. E.R43, nnorth Fifth
Politte, S.musician , RNo. 54, nnorth Third street
Pococke, William H.painter , R7, nnorth Fourth
Peats, —, boarding-house, 11½, nnorth Fourth
Pecifeer, Andreas, boarding-house, 50, n Fourth
Perkins, E.R105, nnorth Fifth
Peltier, Jos.Rnnorth Fifth, bbetween Locust and Olive
Prather, J. V.physician and surgeon , office 58, nnorth Second
Philadelphia Coffee-house , (by A.Weisenberg, ,) 101, ccorner Se-
cond and Vine
Picot, A.R116, nnorth Second
Peck, Hayden & clock manufacturers , 148, nnorth Third
Paddock, O.R2, ccorner Market and Sixth
Price, E. (E.P. & ) R55, nnorth Sixth
Perry, John, R84, nnorth Sixth
Penrod, J.R162, nnorth Sixth
Pratt, H. W.carpenter , Rnnorth Sixth, bbetween Carr and Biddle
Polk, Trusten, attorney-at-law , office No. 54, nnorth Second—R
49, nnorth Seventh
Powell, Miss Maria, sempstress , 43, nnorth Seventh
Primeau, P.R37, nnorth Seventh
Protestant, Orphan Asylum, nnorth Seventh, bbetween Franklin avenue
and Morgan
Pettus, Wm.William G. (Collier & P. ) R107, St. Charles, ccorner Fourth
Powell, Lamont & wholesale dealers in dry goods, 13,
nnorth Front
Price E. & wholesale grocers , commission and forward-
ing merchants , 73, nnorth Front
Pope & West , grocers, commission and forwarding mer-
chants , 86, ccorner Oak and Front
Pfuerd, Frederick, boarding-house, 91, nnorth Front
Parker, Joseph, boarding-house, 230, nnorth First
Patterson H.R. & confectioners , 181, nnorth First
Piggott, Austin, druggist , 173, nnorth First
Pecare S. & clothing store , 144, nnorth First
Phillips, Dr. office 135½, nnorth First
Papin, Joseph, confectioner , 111, nnorth First
Paulding J.W. & hat manufacturers , 86, nnorth First
Perpetual Insurance Company , office 76, ccorner First and Olive