Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Missouri Republican, Chambers, Harris & Knapp , editors
and proprietors —published daily—office 45, nnorth First
street [up stairs.]
Missouri Argus, Thomas Watson & Son , editors and pro-
prietors —published daily—office ccorner Olive and First
streets, [up stairs.]
Commercial Bulletin, Churchill & Ramsay , editors and
proprietors —published daily—office 68, First st.street ,
[up stairs.]
Anzeiger des Westens, (Western Advertiser,) Wm.WilliamWe-, , editor and proprietor —published weekly—office
33, Pine street.
Missouri Saturday News, LeonidasWetmore, , proprietor ,
AlphonsoWetmore, , editor —published weekly—of-
fice Shark Alley, bbetween Pine and Olive and First and
Second streets, block 31,
Dvily Evening Gazettb, D.Hotirrook, , editor and proprie-
tor —published daily—office ccorner of Locust and First
streets, [up stairs.]