Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Corse & Anderson , wholesale druggists , 69, nnorth First
Conn,Sprigg& Greene , auction and commission merchants ,
70, nnorth First
Citizens Insurance Company , office 641-2, nnorth First
Cruchat, Alex, confectioner , 53, nnorth First
Charless & Blow , wholesale dealers in drugs, paints, oils
and white lead, 47, ccorner First and Pine.
Curtis, E. private boarding house, 46 1-2, nnorth First
Comstock, J. F.wholesale and retail dealer in boots, shoes
and leather, 34, nnorth First
Camden J.B & M. & dealers in dry goods, 26, nnorth First
Clemens, Jas.Jr.junior dealer in staple and fancy dry goods, 14,
nnorth First
Cobb Henry & dealers in dry goods and shoes, 12, nnorth
Campbell, R. L.engraver , 641-2, nnorth First
Chenie, Antoine, R29, ccorner Market and Second
Calvert, John, R7, ssouth Third
Crawford, Wm.WilliamR—, ssouth Third
Cerre, Paschal, R143, ssouth Third
Cavendar, George, rresidence 180, ssouth Third
Cravely, Ellen, seampstress, —, ssouth Third
Cubberlv, Thos. W.carriage maker , 98, ssouth Fourth
Cava, Edward, R105, ssouth Fourth
Coons, David, grocery and dry goods, 1, ssouth Front
Chouteau, Pierre, Sen. R144, nnorth First
Chase, Wm.William , office 56 1-2, nnorth First
Coleman S.O. & N. turners , 73, nnorth Second
Crumpton & Emerson , chair makers , 91, nnorth Second
Conant, E. L.R109, nnorth Second
Carter, H. grocer , 162, nnorth Third
Camden, P. G.R134, nnorth Third
Craft, J. L.Thomsonian practitioner, and botanical druggist ,
135, nnorth Third
City, Hotel (by R. I.Curie, ,) 101, ccorner Third and Vine
Charless, Mrs. widow, 2 ssouth Fifth
Call, Dr.G. W.R56, ssouth Fifth
Chouteau, Sarah, 117, ssouth Fifth
Chambers, A. B. (C. Harris & Knapp ,) R19, ssouth Sixth
Camp, Jefferson, (col'dcolored man,) ssouth Sixth
Chateont, Clement, laborer , 76, ssouth Seventh,,