Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Second Presbyterian Churchy —[corner of Fifth
and Pine streets.]
Revd.A. D.Norton, , Pastor .
Methodist Episcopal Church , [corner of Fourth
street and Washington avenue.]
Revd.S.Comfort, , Pastors .
" W. M.Dailey, , Pastors .
Episcopal Church ,—[Corner of Fifth and Chestnut
Revd.Peter J.Minard, , Pastor .
Unitarian Church ,—Corner of Pine and Fourth
Revd.W. G.Eliot, Jr.junior , Pastor .
Baptist Church ,—[Corner of Chestnut and Third
Revd.B. F.Braybrook, . Pastor .
African Church ,—[Corner of Almond and Fifth
John B.Meachum, , Pastor .
Convent Of The Sacred Heart .—[Fifth, bbetween La-
baddie and Soulard streets.
CatharineThiefry, , Superior .
Orphan Asylum —under the care of the Sisters of
Charity,—[Corner of Walnut and Third streets.]
Sister AngelaHughes, , Superintendent .
Protestant Orphan Asylum.
Mrs.MatthewKerr, , First Directress .
Mrs.JohnTorode, , Second Directress .
Mrs.Ann M.Perry, , Treasurer .
Mrs.JohnSmith, , Secretary .