Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Aaron, Henry, , laborer , r Morgan, b Fourth and Fifth
Abeles & Kohn, clothing store , 103 and 113 nnorth Main
AbrahamsElizabeth, widow, r Alley, b Third and Fourth, above
Adams, Augustus, importer of French and German fancy goods,
and English cutlery, etc. , 43 nnorth Main
AdamsMrs.—, widow, boarding-house , Plum, b Second and
Adams, David, laborer , r Second b Hazel and Sycamore
Adams, William, chairmaker , r c Main and Plum
Adam, Shadrach, col’dcolored drayman , r 142 ssouth Third
Adrian, S. W., M. D. , 165 nnorth Seventh
Agert, John, shoemaker , c Seventh and Pine
Aighthouse, Henry, carpenter , r 32 nnorth Sixth
Ames, Benjamin, r 26 Locust
Aimes, Peter, boarding house , 79 ssouth Main
Allen, Wm.William S., editor of Evening Gazette , 97 Main; rresidence Fourth,
b Locust and Olive
Allen, J. S., printer ,do. do. do.
Allen, C. E., clerk , do. do. do.
Allen, Robert, auctioneer , 68 Main; rresidence 3 ssouth Fourth
Allen, Jerrard, turning shop , 75 nnorth Third
Allen, Beverly, attorney-at-law , r 129 Market
Allen, Arnold, butcher , r 13 ssouth Seventh
Alleyne, J. S. B., merchant , (Risley, A. & Co.Company ) r - Collins
Alexander, B. W., livery stable , 88 nnorth Second: rresidence 90 nnorth Second
Alexander, Samuel, bricklayer , r Market b Ninth and Tenth
Alexander, G. W., merchant tailor , 24 Olive
Alexander, H., carpenter , r Fifth below Myrtle
Allason, Nathaniel, boarding-house , 105 nnorth Second
Albion Hall , by E.Moore, , 151 nnorth Second
Albits, Jacob, cobbler , Oak b Main and Front
Addrich, Washington, engineer , r 21 Greene
Aldinger, A., gunsmith , 72 ssouth Second
American Fur Company , office 154 nnorth Main, c Laurel
American House , by F.Mitchell, , 155 1/2 nnorth Main
Amos, Wm.William W., hatter , 120 nnorth Main
Amblet, George, city guard , r Second above Oak
Amery & Co.Company , paper-hanging and drygoods store , 54 Market
Amann, F., tailor , Oak b Main and Front
Amis, Mr.—, milliner and dress maker , r c Fifth and Myrtle
Amis, Theodore L., ladies’ shoemaker , 49 Market
Amson, George, clerk , 76 Main