Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Collier, Alexander, col’dcolored barber , r s First b Poplar and Spruce
Collier, Henry, col’dcolored drayman , Almond b First and Second
Conroy, Michael, labourer , 176 nnorth Fourth
Collins, Charles, r Broadway above Cherry
Collins, John, ship carpenter , r Carr b Sixth and Seventh
Cordes, A. C., family grocery , c Fifth and Olive
Cole, Samuel, (Jeffery & Co.Company ) 179 nnorth Fifth.
Cole, Thomas, bridklayer and mason , 68 Olive
Cole, John, 48 Morgan
Cole, R., writing master , 5 ssouth Fourth
Cole, John, family grocery , c Fifth and Convent
Conklin, John, school teacher , 97 nnorth Sixth
Conklin, Luther, plane maker , r Seventh c St. Charles
Conden, Richard, teamster , Fifth b Wash and Carr
Concert, Hall, 38 and 40 Market
Coots, R., pilot , Seventh b Franklin avavenue and Wash
Cordlainer, Henry, laborer , Eighth b Franklin avavenue and Wash
Coons, G. W., drygoods and grocery store , 5 Market
Coons & Gallagher , drygoods and grocery store , 1 ssouth Front
Coons, Washington, 42 Walnut
Coons, David, 46 Walnut
Coon, Saferez, cabinet maker , Oak b First and Second
Cooper, William B., clerk , 167 nnorth Seventh
Cooper, T. R., gilder and glazier , Oak b Front and First
Cooper, Jacob, 66 ssouth Seventh
Conner, Mrs.Ellen, Ninth b Franklin avavenue and Morgan
Coxe, H. S., 29 Chesnut
Conrad, Adam, blacksmith , c Fourth and Pine
Corley, W. C., chair manufacturer , 26 Pine ; rresidence 72 Olive
Coenzler & Goedderz , dyers and scourers , 23 Pine
Corbin, Abel Rathbone, proprietor ‘‘Argus’’ office , c Main and
Olive; rresidence 32 Morgan
CorbynMrs. —, widow, 50 Myrtle
Copeland, Mrs. —, boarding-house , 42 Olive
Constant, Mrs.Eliza Jane, mantuamaker , Locust b Fourth and [Fifth
Conberry, Thomas, boarding-house , Locust b Front and First
Commercial Hotel , by Mrs.Pasteur, , Laurel b Front and First
Commercial Coffeehouse , by Alex.Delile, , c Second and Mulberry
College , c Ninth and Greene
Conningham, Peter, boarding-house , Greene b Fifth and Sixth
Colderbon, Philip, stone mason , r c Franklin avavenue and Eighth
Corbut, James, Laborer , Morgan b Seventh and Eighth
Consomainer, Charles, pedlar , Morgan b Fourth and Fifth
Corkman, B., boarding-house , Morgan b Fourth and Fifth
Cozier, Alex., boiler manufacturer , r Carr b Sixth and Seventh
Cowie, John, city weigher , r 96 ssouth Second
Cousenon, Baptiste, boarding house , 117 ssouth Second
Cover, John, shoemaker , r Second below Convent
Convent of the Sacred Heart , Fifth opposite convent
Corl, John, family grocery , c Fifth and Convent