Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Doughtery, J., attorney-at-law , 9 nnorth Fourth
Doughtery, Michael, laborer , Walnut b Eighth and Ninth
DoughteryMrs., widow, Walnut b Third and Fourth
Doughtery, John, merchant , (Evans & D. ) 22 Olive
Doughtery, George, lottery office , 54 nnorth Front
Doughty, J. W., merchant , 95 nnorth First
Donnel, J., ornamental sign painter , 9 nnorth Second
Doland, Terrence, tailor and scourer , 11 nnorth Second
Donerlin, John, paver , 83 nnorth Third
Doll C. & J. , family grocers , 133 nnorth Third
Dobbins, Edward, lumber yard , c Fifth and Wash
Dory, J., engineer , Sixth b Franklin avavenue and Wash
Danahoe, Timothy, bricklayer , Market b Ninth and Tenth
Donald, Peter, blacksmith , r Seventh Franklin avavenue and Wash
Donald, James, painter , r 118 Olive
Donaldson, James F., plane maker , c Pine and Shark Alley; rresidence
c Seventh and St. Charles
Doherman, C. H., tailor , Plum b Second and Third
Donohoe, Michael, laborer , 30 Greene
Douglass, William, col’dcolored drayman , First b Poplar and Almond
Douglass, Thompson, 48 ssouth First
Donegan, J. J., drygoods merchant , r 20 ssouth First
DowlingElizabeth, widow, 75 ssouth Second
Donnebrook, Adam, carman , c Cedar and Fifth
Donovan, Daniel H., carpenter , r Fifth below Convent
Docky, Daniel, pilot , Spruce b First and Second
Dow, Frederick, boatman , Spruce b Front and First
Dorman, James M., Poplar b First and Second
Donica, John, boatman , Studley’s Row, Convent
Dowler, Thomas, carpenter , r c Sixth and Washington avavenue
Drysdale, A. T., clerk , 42 First
Dry, Dock, office c Front and Biddle
Dresser, Thomas, carpenter , r 97 nnorth Fourth
Dresser, John, blacksmith , r Second below Convent
Dresser, Thomas, carpenter shop , c Sixth and Locust
Drury, L., importer of fancy drygoods, laces, etc. , 29 Market
Drake, S., r 120 Market
Drake, Charles D., attorney-at-law , 94 1/2 nnorth First; rresidence 25 Chesnot
Drake, Silas, fancy drygoods store , 6 ssouth First
Draper, James F., painter , r 110 Chesnut
Dreyer, G. W. (Johnstone, D. & Trowbridge ,) 107 ssouth First
Drinkhorn, Henry, cabinet maker , Lombard b First and Second
Drumer, Frederick, tailor , r Eighth b Franklin avavenue and Wash
Doughtery, George W., 45 nnorth First
Dunmore, William, laborer , 85 nnorth Second
Dumont, Charles, 114 nnorth Second
Drury, John Brewer, (Finney & Co.Company ) Broadway above Morgan
Du Breuil, Louis, Constable St. Louis township , 15 1/2 Pine; rresidence 141
ssouth Second
Du Breuil & Ham , dealers in boots and shoes , 16 Market