Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Anderson & Thomson , grocers, commission and forwarding
merchants , 27 nnorth Front
Anderson, John J., fancy drygoods merchant , 30 nnorth Main
Anderson, Wm.William H.fancy drygoods merchant 14 Market
Anderson, E. (clerk in Farm. and Mechanics Ins. Co. ) r Second
above Cherry
Anderson, Maj.Major —, (clerk in Farm. and Mechanics Ins. Co. ) r Sixth b Carr and Franklin avavenue
Anderson, John T., stone mason , r 96 Pine
Anderson, George, drayman , Seventh above Chouteau avavenue
Anderson, Susan, washerwoman , 140 Walnut
Anderson, Nancy, col’dcolored do. Walnut b Eighth and Ninth
Anderson, Sally, do. do. Almond b Main and Second
Anderson, Mary, do. do. do. b Fifth and Sixth
Andrews & Beakey , tin, copper and sheet-iron manufacturers ,
27 nnorth Main
Andreys, Antoine, laborer , Seventh above Chouteau avavenue
Annan Robert, C., tobacco and segar store , 56 Market
Andrea, J., c. Seventh and Wash
Anzeiger des Westens , published by H.Weber, , 33 Pine
Annis, A., carpenter , r Alley in rear Cincinnati Row, Sixth
Andre, C., mattress maker , r Second b Hazel and Sycamore
Angelbrok & Linkenmayer , family grocers , c Third and Walnut
Annica, , col’dcolored washerwoman , Walnut b Eighth and Ninth
Appleton, C. D., classical school , 108 nnorth Third
Arcade, Baths, c Vine and Second
Arnold, Jacob, blacksmith’s shop , Market b Seventh and Eighth
Arnold, Lyman, carpenter , r Washington av. b Seventh and 8th
Arpink, Casper, wagon maker , r Eighth b Franklin avavenue and Wash
Arnold, S., col’dcolored drayman , Fifth below Convent
ArrottJames, jr.junior , attorney-at-law , office 171 Pine
Archer, Edward, stage proprietor , r Collins
Arpel, George, laborer , Third below Convent
Armbruster, Theodore, tailor , r Alley c Almond, b Fourth and Fifth
Arnst, Nicholas, tobacconist , Fifth below Convent
Arpel, Frederick, laborer , Plumb b Main and Second
Aspling, Thomas, merchant , 175 Main
Ashdown, William, boarding-house , Broadway above Cherry
Assignees of Buckley, Randolph & Co.Company , office 21 1/2 Market
Atchison, Geo. W., grocer and commission merchant , 66 nnorth Front
Atchison, Capt.Captain George, r 74 nnorth Fifth
Atkinson, J. C., stove warehouse , 121 nnorth Main; rresidence Washington
avavenue b Fourth and Fifth
Atkinson, John, Poplar b Second and Main
Atwood, N. B., r Eighth c Morgan
Auber & Bourier, coffeehouse , c Second and Oak
Aubern, John, boatman , r Eighth b Wash and Carr
Augusta, Michael, 57 Locust
Augustus, John B., Professor of Modern Languages , school
c Third and Greene