Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Augustin, M., family grocery , c Third and Greene
Austin, WilliamJ., real estate auctioneer , office 25 Locust; rresidence
Seventh b Market and Plum
Avis, Thomas, stone manson , r Washington avavenue b Fourth & Fifth
Avis, Joseph, blacksmith , r 48 ssouth Third
Axt, George, bandox maker , 89 ssouth Second
Axtell, Thomas R., Sixth above Morgan.
Bank of Missouri , 137 nnorth Main
Barlow, J. C. (Chouteau & B. ) c Fifth and Elm
Barnes & Swon , grocers and commission merchants , 16 nnorth Front
Barrett, Wm.William D. (Blaine, Tompkins & B. ) Collins above Cherry
Barrett & Co.Company , commission store & steamboat agency , I Laurel
Batterberry & Mulchay , wholesale grocers , 43 nnorth Front
Bachk, A., merchant , 200 nnorth Main
Baket, Charles, pilot , r Cedar b Third and Fourth
Bank Exchange Coffeehouse , by H. J.Clayton, 145 nnorth Main
Bank Exchange Billiard Room , by E. W.Dogde, 145 nnorth Main
Bacon, Sherman J., merchant , 154 Main; rresidence 9 Morgan
Bacon, S. J. (Jones, B. & Co.Company ) Morgan b Fourth and Fifth
Baker, Catharine, boarding-house , Second above Cherry
Baker, L., carpenter , r Washington avavenue b Fifth and Sixth
Baker, Isaac, carpenter , r c Fifth and Almond
Barnard J. H. & Brother , druggists , 136 Main
Baum, J., tailor , 81 nnorth Main
Bascom, Hiram, watchmaker and jeweller , 13 nnorth Main; rresidence 49 nnorth
Baily, George, carriage maker , 111 nnorth Secoud
Baxter, John, boarding-house , 29 nnorth Third
Barren, John, tailor , 83 nnorth Third
Barnum & Patton, City Hotel , c Third and Vine
Bartlett, F., house builder , office c St. Charles and Third
Bartlett, Joseph, ‘‘Social Hall,’’ r c Third and St. Charles
Barlett, Thomas, carpenter , r c Seventh and Lombard
Balderston, Josiah, lottery and exchange broker , 150 nnorth Third; rresidence
Seventh above Franklin avavenue
Bateman, H. L., segar store , 117 1/2 nnorth Main
Baldwin, John, Cottage House , 3 nnorth Fourth
Baldwin, Robert T., whip manufacturer , c Second and Convent
Backenstow, B. M., wheelwright , 70 nnorth Fourth
Bakeing, Christian, chandler , c Fifth and St. Charles
Bannister, Lavinia, col’dcolored washerwoman , 149 nnorth Fifth
Ball & Allen , fancy drygoods merchants , 56 Market
Ball, Albert, real estate and general agency office , 10 Market
Bayfield, J. H., fancy drygoods merchant , 48 Market
Bayfield, Henry, baker , Fourth b Spruce and Plum
Banvard, Jessy, house carpenter , Seventh b Wash and Carr
Balmer, T., carpenter , r Eighth b Franklin avavenue and Wash
Balmer, Charles, Professor of Music , r 15 ssouth Third