Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Kraft, Bernard, butcher , r Second below Convent
Kraft, Henry, butcher , r Second below Convent
Kretschmar, Frederick, justice of the peace , office 63 ssouth First;
rresidence Seventh b Chesnut and Vine
Kramer, C, cooper , r Eighth b Morgan and Franklin avavenue
Kraher, J., boot maker , 18 Pine
Krause, Morris, bookbinder , 67 ssouth Second
Krill, Martin, boarding-house , Fourth b Plum and Cedar
Kretzer T. & Co.Company , dealers in tobacco, segars, etc. , 30 nnorth Front
Kuntze, J., tailor , 55 ssouth Fifth
Kurzeborn, Jacob, butcher , r Second b Hazel and Sycamore
Kyle, Robert, tobacco manufacturer , 170 nnorth Front; r c Fifth and
Larkin, T. H., storage and commission merchant , 33 nnorth Front;
rresidence 28 nnorth Fifth
Latz, Adolphus, merchant , 55 nnorth Front
Lawless, Luke E., judge of the Cir. Court , r 131 nnorth Fourth
Lawless, James, manufracturer of saddlery etc. , 84 nnorth Front
Lacount, J., r 201 nnorth First
La Grange Coffee house , by R.Keneer, 33 nnorth First
Lawrence, L., exchange broker , 103 nnorth First
Lawrence, Henry, carman , r Cherry b First and Second
Lawhead, B., steamboat work and blacksmith’s shop , c Oak and
Lawhead, Benjamin, r Broadway above the new foundry
Lafayette House , by J.Wilmer, , 11 nnorth Third
Lane, James S., Private boarding house , 38 nnorth Third
Lane, William CarrM. D. , r 24 nnorth Fifth
LaneHardage, M. D, r c Sixth and Morgan
LanePrescilla, widow, r 76 ssouth Third
Lane, Lydia, col’dcolored washerwoman , c Seventh and Greene
Landstettler, John, teamster , Eighth b Wash and Carr
Latell, William, carpenter , r Ninth b Franklin avavenue and Wash
Laden, Joseph, turning shop and chair maker , 24 Chesnut; rresidence 48
Labeaume Theodore & Co.Company , grocers and commission merchants ,
41 nnorth Front
Labeaume, Theodore, (T. L. & Co ) Broadway above big mound
Labeaume, Louis T., justice of the peace , office 15 Pine
LabeaumeMrs., widow, 40 Olive
Langkton, J.M. D. , Office c Fourth and Pine
Langton, Jeremiah, attorney-at-law , office 17 Pine
Lamaire, Henry, carpenter , r 51 Fourth
Langenberry, Caspar, laborer , c Sixth and Wash
Labaddie, Sylvester, I 103 Olive
Labaddie, Antoine, col’dcolored butcher , r c Second and Film
Labaddie, Joseph, col’dcolored boatman , 115 ssouth Third
Labaddie, John, butcher , r Fifth b Almond and Poplar
Laugherty, Capt.Captain James, r 44 ssouth Third