Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Long, Henry, laborer , Plum b Second and Third
Long, Charles E., steamboat clerk , r Washington avavenue b Fourth
and Fifth
Londoner, Lawrence, carpenter , c Sixth and Wash
Longbein, A., Shoemaker , r Seventh b Wash and Carr
Longman, Frederick, laborer , Eighth b Franklin avavenue and Wash
Louay, Peter, laborer , Locust b Fourth and Fifth
Love, James, blacksmith , r Plum b Second and Third
Lott, C. F., M. D. , r 41 Morgan
Lonaghan, Peter, laborer , Greene b Sixth and Seventh
Louisiana Coffee-house , by C.Koeser, , Oak b Front and First
Low, William, wholesale grocer , Market b Second and Third
Lourm, John, paver , Second b Almond and Spruce
Louker, Jacob, shoemaker , 60 ssouth First
Louty, Peter, 17 Cedar
Lombear, Clement, city guard , c Second and Cedar
Logan, Charles, laborer , Second above Cherry
Ludwick & Storck , bakers , 73 nnorth Fourth
LuffMrs., widow, Sixth, Cincinnati row
Lumi, Charles. carpenter , r Sixth, Cincinnati row
Lucas, John, 14 nnorth Seventh
Lucas, A., col’dcolored drayman , First b Almond and Poplar
Ludlow, Samuel, mason , r Seventh b Wash and Carr
Ludlow, Henry, bricklayer , r Eighth b Franklin avavenue and Wash
Ludlow & Smith , managers of the Theatre , c Third and Olive
Lummey, Andrew, tailor , Laurel b First and Second
Lunn, William, mate on steamboat , 41 Morgan
Lupton, Wellington, engineer , Collins
Lumpkins, John, carpenter , r Collins
Luthy, John, M. D. , r c Second and Elm
Luck, John, baker , r Fifth below Convent
Lueder, Henry, basket maker , r Almond b First and Second
Lyman James & Co.Company , saddlery warehouse , 19 nnorth First
Lynch, William A., cabinet maker , r 106 nnorth Third
Lynch & Trask , cabinet and chair makers , 24 and 26 Vine
Lynch, John, carpenter , r 25 St. Charles
Lynch, Jeremiah, stone mason , r Greene b Seventh and Eighth
Lyons, E., fancy goods , 24 Market
Lyons, John, carpenter , Washington avavenue b Seventh and Eighth
Lyons, P., carpenter , r Locust b Fourth and Fifth
Lyons, J. J., cooper , r Greene b Fifth and Sixth
Lyttle, James, tailor , Almond b Second and Third
L’Hussiere, Louis, family grocer , c Second and Spruce
Mackenzie, Kenneth, forwarding and commission merchant , 17
nnorth Front
Marks, Henry, clerk , 2 nnorth Front
Marks, Dennis, commis. merchant , 53 nnorth Front; rresidence 176 nnorth Fourth
MarksMrs., widow, Sixth b Myrtle and Spruce
Martin, E., M. D. , office 6 nnorth Front; rresidence 181 nnorth Fifth