Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Martin, J. T., clothing store , 106 nnorth First
Martin, M., M. D. , office 30 nnorth Second; rresidence 181 nnorth Fifth
Martin, George, laborer , Second above Cherry
Martin, Henry, drayman , Eighth b Franklin avavenue and Wash
Martin, Thomas, clerk , r Wash b Sixth and Seventh
Martin, Louis, city guard , Second b Myrtle and Lombard
Martin, James, prayer , Alley b Third and Fourth above Mulberry
Margrett, John, 14 Myrtle
Masalski, Joseph, lottery and exchange broker , 36 nnorth Front
Maguire, John, iron merchant , 87 nnorth Front; rresidence Broadway oppo-
site foundry
Maguire, George, 128 ssouth Second
Mansur, Charles, merchant , 3 1/2 nnorth Front
Mason, Christopher, tin and copper manufacturer , 184 nnorth First; r
162 ssouth Second
Mason, Louis,boarding-house , Olive near Front
Marshall House , by John, Samson, 157 nnorth First
Marshall, Susan, washerwoman , 30 Greene
Marshall, Dr., r 78 Greene
Martial, John, painter and glazier , Market b Seventh and Eighth
Marvin, William O., hatter , 166 nnorth First
Maclay, John, boarding-house , 120 nnorth First
Marine Insurance Company , 100 nnorth First
Marrin, F. C., clothing merchant , 4 1/2 nnorth First
Mayer & Hurxthal , hardware merchants , 97 nnorth First
Magger, John, ornamental plasterer , r 147 nnorth Fifth
Magger, John, plasterer , Carr b Seventh and Eighth
Magers, D., cabinet maker , r Alley b Eighth and Ninth ababove Wash
Magner, John, clerk , r Sixth, Cincinnati row
Marthens, H. C., M. D. , office 50 1/2 nnorth First; r c First and Locust
Markham, George, portrait painter , 9 nnorth Third
Maher, J., grocer , c Fifth and Greene
Maher, Mrs. widow, 66 Greene
Macauley & Son , carpet warehouse , 54 nnorth First
Macauley, Dr.Duncan, academy and boarding school for young
ladies , 72 Chesnut
Manning, W., exchange broker , 59 nnorth First
Manning, A., r Market b Seventh and Eighth
Manning, A., attorney-at-law , 17 Olive
Mast, C., porter , Second above Cherry
Marker, John, r Second above Cherry
Magehan, J. M., house builder , r 15 nnorth Third
Marsden, Mrs., confectioner , c Third and Olive
Marrigan, Wm.William D., merchant tailor , 77 nnorth Third
Mallony, Dr., office c Third and Vine
MallonyMrs., widow, Sixth b Spruce and Myrtle
Mallony, William, laborer , Eighth above Morgan
Maitland J. & J. , family grocers , 129 nnorth Third
Maxwell, Willilam, confectioner , 146 nnorth Third
Maxwell, James S., M. D. , office 39 Chesnut