Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
McGee, Thomas, r Carr b Fifth and Sixth
McGlade, —, carpenter , r 49 Morgan
McGovern, Mrs.N., c Ninth and Franklin avavenue
McGin, Peter, laborer , Ninth above Carr
McHose, Isaac, brewery , Second b Hazel and Sycamore; rresidence next
door above
McIntire, J., 146 Walnut
McKnight, Mrs.Mary widow, c Seventh and Olive
McKenna, T., family grocery , c Seventh and Morgan
McKennery, B. F., justice of the peace and notary public , 19 Olive
McKenney, John, laborer , 28 ssouth Second
McKenney, Mrs. widow, Fourth b Poplar and Plum
McKee, Mrs. widow, Biddle b Fifth and Sixth
McKeen, Mrs.James, Biddle b Seventh and Eighth
McKee, H., clerk , r 141 ssouth Second
McKeen, Hiram, r Spruee b Second and Third
McLackland, D. A., dealer in boots and shoes , 18 Market
McLaughlin, Thomas, r Second b Hazel and Sycamore
McLeanMrs., widow, 169 ssouth Third
McLean, —, sugar refiner , r Fifth b Cdear and Mulberry
McLean, James, r Walnnt b Third and Fourth
McLean, & Belcher, sugar refinery , Cedar b First and Second
McLory, James, 40 Spruce
McMillan, John H., deputy marshal , r c Second and Chesnut
McMyers, Nancy, [col’dcolored ,] Almond b Second and Third
McMahon, George, grocer , 48 nnorth Front
McMahon, John, carpenter , r Second b Oak and Plum
McMohan, J., Shamrock Tavern , 36 Olive c Second
McMurray, John D., iron railing manufacturer , 6 nnorth Second
McMurray, Louis, 44 Chesnut
McMartin, ThomasM. D., druggist and apothecary , 76 Market;
rresidence 53 ssouth Fifth
McMinniman, M., tailor , c Ninth and St. Charles
McMullen, James, 78 ssouth Third
McMurrel, John, laborer , Seventh below Chouteau avavenue
McNiel, Joseph, r Sixth b Chesnut and Pine
McNiel, John, hat and cap manufacturer , 36 nnorth First
McNiel, John, tailor , c Second and Spruce
McNulty, John, family grocer , Second below Convent
McNulty, Francis, jeweller , Lombard b First and Second
McWilliams, Mrs.Elizabeth, r Alley b Third and Fourth above
Mackinder, J., watchmaker , 135 nnorth Third
Meech, Stephen W., book store , 4 nnorth First
Meecham, J., cooper , r 108 nnorth Second
Menkins, A. H., watchmaker and jeweller , 19 Market
Menkins, Henry, pedler , Plum b Second and Third
Merckle, G., turner of ivory and wood , Greene b Fifth and Sixth
Mervin, Mrs. widow, 81 Greene
Menne, M., tailor , 19 Greene