Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Mitchell, William, laborer , 76 Greene
Mitchell, C., Shoemaker , Convent b Second and Third
Millone, Mrs., c Front and Cedar
Mickle E. & Co.Company , fancy drygoods merchants , 22 Market
Morehouse, Capt.Captain D. B., r Seventh b Franklin avavenue and Wash
Morrison, William M. (Simonds & M. ) c Fourth and Vine
Morrison, Alexander, stone cutter , r Eight b Wash and Carr
Morris & Jacobs , merchants , 64 nnorth Front
Morris, John P., private boarding-house , 25 Olive
Morris, William B., 39 ssouth First
Moore, Robert, c Second and Cherry
Moore, Alexander, c Second and Cherry
Moore, Philip, carpenter , r c Fifth and Greene
Moore, Robert, plasterer , Morgan b Seventh and Eighth
Moore, J. G., carpenter , r Broadway above Cherry
Moore, E., Albion Hall , 151 nnorth Second
Moore, H., boarding-house , 1 ssouth First c Market
Moore, William, baker, r c Third and Spruce
Moore, Derich, drayman , Fifth b Poplar and Spruce
Mott John H. & Co.Company , hardware merchants , 51 nnorth First
Motto, Paul, cabinet maker , r Broadway above Cherry
Mosier, George, clerk , 46 1/2 nnorth First
Moran, Thomas, laborer , 121 nnorth Fifth
Moran, Charles, laborer , Sixth b Spruce and Almond
Moses, William H., col’dcolored barber , 51 Market
Molloy, Mrs.L. A., milliner, and Leghorn and straw bonnet re-
pairer , 75 Market
Moreau, M. M., quarrier , Eight b Franklin avavenue and Morgan
Monroe, Victor, attorney at-law, and agent for the settlement of
French and Spanish land claims , office 32 Olive
Morgan, John, stone cutter , r Market b Seventh and Eighth
Morgan, James M., r Fifth b Plum and Cedar
Morgan & Templeman , rectifiers , Myrtle b Second and Third
Moulder, H., teamster , Eight b Carr and Biddle
Moffitt, Mrs., seamstress , c Frankalin avavenue and Seventh
Moffit, Peter, drayman , Alley rear Cincinnati row, Sixth
Moffit, John, brass founder , Fifth below Convent
Motes, Henry, carriage maker , r Locust b Fourth and Fifth
Moerschel, Jacob, tobacconist , 29 Laurel
Moler, Yorick, laborer , 60 ssouth First
Morrel, J., confectioner , First b Walnut and Elm
Morton, George, lumber yard , c Second and Elm
Morton, George, iron-railing manufacturer , 5 nnorth Second
Morton, George, lumber merchant , r 104 Spruce
Mochel, Louis, hair dresser , Oak b Front and First
Mosser, Samuel, r 153 ssouth Second
Morri, Baptiste, boatman , 171 ssouth Second
Moray, Henry, carman , 184 ssouth Third
Mooney, Owen, laborer , Fifth b Plum and Cedar
Monica, Jacob, brass founder , r Fifth below Convent
Molloney, Thomas, laborer , Seventh below Chouteau avavenue