Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
O’Donald, John, laborer , c Second and Cherry
Oderbeck, Herman, laborer , Eighth b Wash and Carr
O’Flaherty, M.(Connoly, Hogan & Co.Company ) c First and Vine
Ogden, Hammond, r 18 nnorth Second
Ogden, James, plasterer , Ninth above Wash
Ogden, John, stone cutter , c Second and Spruce
Ohl, Theodore, boot maker , 29 Elm
O’Hea, John, carpenter , r Fifth opposite the Convent
O’Hara, Marcus, brass and bell founder , 191 nnorth First
Old Dominion , by J.Fisher, , boarding-house , c Second and Olive
Olbon & Jones , tailors , 66 Locust
Oliver, A., tailor and scourer , Plum b Front and First
O’Leary, William, stone cutter , r 50 Greene
O’Marrel, Daniel, grocer , 71 nnorth Third
O’Neil, Hugh, r Seventh below Chouteau avavenue
O’NeilMrs., widow, c Eighth and Greene
O’Neil, E., blacksmith , Greene b Sixth and Seventh; rresidence Sixth b
Washington avavenue and Greene
O’Neil, James, boot maker , 148 nnorth First
Opera House , by ThomasLevy, , Concert Hall, 40 Market
Opel, Louis, farrier , 53 nnorth Second
Ormsbee, Charles, merchant , 77 nnorth Front
Ormsbee, Daniel, clerk , r 59 Greene
Orme, A.e., brick maker, rresidence 43 nnorth Fifth
OrrMrs., widow, Washington avavenue b Fourth and Fifth
Ortisse, Antoine, r Lombard b First and Second
O’Riley, Barney, quarrier , c Second and Cherry
O’Rourke, John, grocer and drygoods merchant , 8 ssouth Front, rresidence Second b Myrtle and Spruce
O’Ryan, William, butcher , r Second b Hazel and Sycamore
OsbernJames ,M., carpenter , r Fifth b Wash and Carr
Otto, Henry, drayman , Fifth opposite the Convent
Otenwelder, Martin, blacksmith , c First and Poplar; rresidence Poplar
next door above
Ouvray, John, blacksmith , r Plum b Second and First
Owens, Esrom, collector , 256 nnorth First
Owens, Jane, col’dcolored washerwoman , Broadway above Morgan
Owens, E., coroner , office 22 Pine
Orphan, Asylum, attended by the Sisters of Charity, Third b Wal-
nut and Market
Office of the U. S.United States b Recruiting Service , 35 Vine
Patterson H. R. & Co.Company , confectioners , 181, nnorth First
Patterson, Henry, r Seventh above Olive
Patterson, Nathaniel, (J. & E., Walsh & Co.Company ) 84 Olive
Patterson, Rev.Reverend R. E., D. D. pastor of the Baptist Church , r 7
ssouth Fourth
Patterson, Wm.William, boatman , r Poplar b First and Second
Papin, Alexander, senr. , 102 nnorth First Second
Papin, Joseph, confectioner , 111 nnorth First; rresidence Poplar b First and