Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Pelky, G., grocer , r Cedar b Second and Third
Pfund, Frederick, boarding-house , 91 nnorth Front
Pfeiffer, A., German boarding-house , 50 nnorth Fourth
Pfeiffer, F., watchmaker and jeweller , 90 ssouth Second
Phillips, Cohen, merchant , 34, nnorth Front
Phillips, Geo. W., M. D. , office 92 nnorth Second; rresidence Olive b Sixth
and Seventh
Phillips, N., music and umbrella store , 28 Market
Phillips, H., Social Hall , r 85 Market
Phillips, John, Franklin house , 65 Olive
Phillips, George, M. D. , r Olive b Sixth and Seventh
Phillips, John, boarding-house , 123 ssouth Second
Phillipson, Simon, Third b Mulberry and Lombard
Phillips, Mrs., col’dcolored washerwoman , 63 nnorth Third
Philadelphia Coffee-house c Second and Vine
Philobad, Augustus, silversmith , r Seventh b Franklin avavenue and
Philbert, Benjamin, carpenter , Franklin avavenue b Fifth and Sixth
Phœnix, Brewery, by Gronenbold & Ketterer , c Front and Myrtle
Piggot, A., druggist , 173 nnorth First; rresidence Broadway above Cherry
PiggotMrs.Francis, widow, 99 ssouth Second
Picotte, H., Rocky Mountain trader , 116 nnorth Second
Pine, George W., 21 1/2 Market
Piles, W., attorney-at-law , office 31 Pine
Pitcher, Philip, bootmaker , Pine b Second and Third
Pilchy, Joseph, mate on steamboat , r Olive b Fourth and Fifth
Pickren, M., boatman , Collins
Pim, William, clerk in the Surveyor’s office , r 138 ssouth Third
Planters’ Hotel, (unfinished,) Fourth b Chesnut and Pine
Powell J. & J. , wholesale drygoods and commission merchants ,
13 nnorth Front
Powell, Joseph, (J. & J. P. ,) Fourth b Popular and Plum
Powell Peter & Co.Company , importers of hardware and cutlery , 16 nnorth
Powell, Willis J., professor of modern and ancient languages , 4
nnorth Third
Powell Peter & Joseph , plaining machine , c Ninth and Wash-
ington avavenue
Potter, P. J., druggist and stationer , 62 nnorth Front
Poe, Harden, carpenter , r Eighth above Carr
Poe, Louis, stone cutter , c Franklin avavenue and Eighth
Pope & West , grocers, forwarding and commission merchants ,
68 nnorth Front
Pocket, Francis, carpenter , r 260 nnorth First
Pond, Charles H., architect , 62 nnorth First; rresidence Sixth b Myrtle and
Post Office , Thos.Watson, , P. M. , c Second and Chesnut
Post, William, laborer , Morgan b Fourth and Fifth
Polk, Trusten, attorney-at-law , office 54 nnorth Second; rresidence 49 nnorth Sev-