Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Risley, William, boat store , Front b Myrtle and Spruce
Riggin John & Brother , dry-goods merchants , 114 nnorth First
Riggin, James, boarding-house , Greene b Fifth and Sixth
Riggin, John, Central Tavern, 64 Chesnut
Rigg, John, clerk , 75 nnorth First
Riggs, L., r 22 Chesnut
Ricketson, A., merchant , 94 nnorth First
Ricketts, George, r 103 Spruce
Riddle, Alexander, lumber yard, c Fifth and Pine
Richards, S. C., blacksmith , Olive b Fourth and Fifth; rresidence 49 nnorth
Richards, Benjamin, Branch Coffee-house , 13 nnorth Fourht
Richardson, William, clerk , in the post-office, rresidence Foourth b Cedar
and Plum
Richardson, Lucy, [col’dcolored ] 107 Myrtle
Risque, F. W., attorney-at-law , office 36 Chesnut
Risque, John, steward , Cherry b First and Second
Rippey, Mathew, carpenter , 122 Chesnut; rresidence 106 Chesnut
Riverean, Dr., office 37 Pine
Rifle, William, r 52 Oak
Ribel, Charles, laborer , Morgan b Fourth and Fifth
Rizer, Daniel L., deputy marshal , r 130 ssouth Second
Reynolds, Robert, boarding-house , Cedar b Fifth and Sixth
Ridgely, F. L., secretary Union Insurance Company , r Seventh b
Walnut and Elm
Rock, Philip, grocer , 46 nnorth Front
Rocky Mountain House , by P.Valliers, , c Second and Poplar
Rowan & Brown , grocers and commission merchants 86 nnorth Front
Rowand, J. R., M. D. , r and office 4 Market
Rosselot & Anderson , ornamental hair manufacturers , 105 nnorth First
Roper’s Gymnasium , 86 nnorth First
Roper, J., lock and gunsmith , Myrtle b Second and Third
Robertson, A., hatter , 31 nnorth First
Rogers, J. A., lumber yard , c Second and Oak
Rogers, Samuel, (everson & R.) 145 nnorth Fourth
Rogers, William, mate on steamboat , r Eighth b Morgan and
Franklin avavenue
Robbinson, F. E., city guard , Second above Cherry
RobbinsonMrs.Sophira, widow, 169 ssouth Third
Robbinson, E., col’dcolored boatman , Sixth b Spruce and Almond
Robbinson, G. R., c Sixth and Biddle
RobbMrs., widow, 146 nnorth Fourth
Robbinson, E. H., family grocer and drygoods merchant , 3 Market
Robbinson, Mrs., boarding-house , 28 Chesnut
Robbinson, Nathaniel, family grocery , c Seventh and Franklin avavenue
Robby, J., carpenter , r Ninth above Wash
Robin, William, music master , 66 Pine
Roberts, Henry, grocer , Seventh b Morgan and Franklin avavenue
Roubidoux, M. Joseph, r Front b Myrtle and Elm
Roubidoux, Michael, trader , c First and Myrtle