Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Rudolph, J., blacksmith , r 66 Olive
Ruth, William J., printer , r 25 Oak
Rugart, A., laborer , r c Fifth and Cedar
Rumford, Charles C., family grocery , c Seventh and Carr
Rust, Thomas, bootmarker , Second b Lombard and Hazel
Ruland, Gen.General John, recorder and clerk of the Circuit Court , office
c fifth & Market; rresidence 25 ssouth Fifth
Ryan, Wm.William, foundry hand , Second above Cherry
Ryan, Thomas, laborer , 129 nnorth Fifth
Ryan, Mary, washing and ironing , Market b Seventh and Eighth
Ryan, Thomas, stone mason , r Ninth b Washington avavenue and St.
Ryan, James, r Greene b Fifth and Sixth
Ryan, Dennis, laborer , Sixth below Spruce
Sands, S. G., segar manufacturer , 16S nnorth First
Saunders, William H., accountant , Sixth above Morgan
Saunders, P. G., family grocery , c Eighth and Wash
Sarpy, J. B. (American Fur Co.Company ) c Sixth and Washington avavenue
Sandford, J. F. A. (American Fur Co.Company ) 154 nnorth First
Salisbury & Riggin , dealers in boots and shoes , 114 nnorth First
Salisbury, William, Waverly House , 78 nnorth First
Sarol, Jacob, blacksmith , r 97 Chesnut
Sagner, B., fruit store , 145 nnorth Second
Salorgne, Theodore, carriage maker , 154 nnorth Second
Sage, C., carpenter , r c Sixth and Biddle
Saltmarsh, Charles, engineer , Sixth b Wash and Carr
Saltmarsh, Capt.Captain Edward, r Sixth b Wash and Carr
Samuel, James, produce merchant , 2 Davis’ row, Laurel
Saunderson, Caroline, col’dcolored washerwoman , 36 Myrtle
Sacks, Michael, tailor , r Second b Mulberry and Cedar
Scheide & Decou , clothing store , 29 nnorth Front
Schnell, John, house of refreshment , 199 nnorth First
Scott Wm.William b & Co.Company , auction and commission merchants , 12 nnorth First
Scott, E., dealer in tin ware, stove and hollow ware , 7 nnorth first
Scott, William, (Wm. Scott & Co.Company ) 134 nnorth Fourth
Scott, William, M. D. , r 33 nnorth Sixth
ScottMrs., widow, washerwoman Collins
ScottMagdalen, widow, 91 Elm
Scudder, C. S., M. D. , 146 nnorth Third; r c Sixth and Wash
Scuter, John, carpenter , r Sixth b Wash and Franklin avavenue
Schea, Jacob, wheelwright , c Sixth and Chesnut
Schilling, Charles, tailor , 49 Market
Schneider, —, commission merchant , Chesnut b Front and First
Schneider E. & Co.Company , chandlers , Chesnut b Front and first
Scannall, Timothy, wheelwright , Plum b Second and Third
Schrader, W., plough manufacturer , Cherry b First and Second
Schroer, H., tailor , 144 nnorth Fifth
Scummer, Frederick, porter , 45 St. Charles
Scheible, George, baker , c Greene and Sixth