Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Simpson, Martin, r Morgan b Seventh and Eighth
Simpson, Dr., r c Third and Elm
Sinclair, Taylor & Co.Company , flour merchants and whiskey distillers ,
10 Locust
Singler, Barney, laborer , 130 ssouth Third
Sintman, C., laborer , Franklin avavenue b Eighth and Ninth
Simont, Heller, 120 ssouth Third
Simont, John, carpenter , r Walnut b Fourth and Fifth
Skinner, P. R., attorney-at-law , office 18 nnorth Second
Skinner, Thomas, attorney-at--law , office 18 nnorth Second
Skinner, Alfred, merchant , r 92 Elm
Skinker, T., r 62 nnorth Sixth
Slater, & Holbrook, auction and commiss.commission merchants , 37 nnorth Front
Sloper & Rimmer , milliners from London , 40 Market
Slone, Thomas, blacksmith , r Seventh above Franklin avavenue
Sleter, Augustus, gardener , r Eighth b Wash and Carr
Slomes, Alexander, gilder , r 57 Greene
Slather, Joseph, pedler , Walnut b Third and Fourth
Slarkinhoff, Charles, shoemaker , Spruce b Second and Third
Smith, Delzell, wholesale grocer , 38 nnorth Front; rresidence Collins
Smith Brothers & Co.Company , grocers and commission merchants , 4 nnorth
Smith, James, (S., Brothers & Co.Company ) c Third and Cedar
Smith, William H. (S., Brothers & Co.Company ) First b Cedar and Plum
Smith, John, grocer , 47 nnorth Front
Smith, George, auction and commission merchant , 59 nnorth Front
Smith & Spohr , sign painters , 142 nnorth First
Smith, E. B., M. D. , office Broadway above Morgan
Smith, William, boarding-house , c Fifth and Greene
Smith, John, president of the Bank of the State of Missouri , r
Broadway above Cherry
Smith, Johnson, flour merchant , r Fifth b Wash and Carr
Smith, Daniel B., cabinet maker , r 163 Seventh
Smith, William, laborer , Ninth b Franklin avavenue and Wash
Smith, John, boatman , 97 Chesnut
Smith, Mrs., boarding-house , 25 Pine
Smith, Joseph, carpenter , r St. Charles b Seventh and Eighth
Smith, William, r Franklin avavenue b Seventh and Eighth
Smith, Merrick, carpenter , shop 47 ssouth Second
Smith, Garret, carpenter , r 133 ssouth Second
Smith, George, shoemaker , r Second below Convent
Smith, John, r Third below Convent
Smith, Jacob, deputy county surveyor , r 157 ssouth Second
Smith, John, boarding-house , 13 ssouth Third
Smith, Nancy, col’dcolored washerwoman , 45 ssouth Fifth
Smith, Altheus, superintendent of the oil-mill , r Fifth b Cedar
and Plum
Smith, Edward, barkeeper on steamboat , r c Fifth and Cedar
Smith, Thomas F., c Seventh and Chouteau avavenue
Smith, Henry, carpenter , r Seventh below Chouteau avavenue