Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Surveyor General’s Office , (Gen.General Wm.WilliamMilburn,) 149 ssouth Second
Sutter, Michael, Alton House , First b Almond and Poplar
Swon, John C. (Barnes & S. ) 55 St, Charles
Sweringen, J. T., produce merchant , 2 Davis’ row, Laurel b Front and
First; rresidence Central St. Louis, on Broadway
Switzer A. G. & Co.Company , grocers, commission and forwarding merchants ,
49 nnorth Front
Swart, Abraham M., York House , c Second and Prune
Swartink, George, cabinet maker , r 67 nnorth Fifth
Swenderman, Michael, r First b Plum and Poplar
Swenderman, Joseph, dairy , 185 ssouth Third
Sweeney, Francis, r 113 Elm
Swiers, Joseph, shoemaker , Studley’s row, Convent
Sylvester, Peter, labourer , Elm b Front and First
Sylvester, J., watchmaker and jeweller , 102 nnorth First
Sykes, James, M. D. , 123 1/2 nnorth First
Syll, WilliamShoemaker , r Second b Hazel and Sycamore
Tatum, David, wholesale grocer and commission merchant , 15 nnorth
Front; rresidence 40 Walnut
Taylor & Homes , importers of queensware & china , 34 nnorth Front
Taylor & Marshall , dealers in fancy and staple drygoods , 50 nnorth
First c Pine
Taylor, Robert W. (Sinclair, T. & Co.Company ) 28 nnorth Second
Taylor, Henry, boarding-house , Eighth b Wash and Carr
Taylor, Thomas, (T. & Marshall ,) 43 Locust
Taylor & Ferguson , exchange brokers , 23 Locust
Taylor, Thomas, dreser of skins and furs , r Front b Poplar and
Taylor, Moses, family grocery , greene b Seventh and Eighth
Taylor, Joshua, c Franklin avavenue and Ninth
Taylor, Robert, laborer , Ninth above Wash
Taylor, John, city guard , Second above Cherry
Taylor, —, col’dcolored washerwoman , Oak b First and Second
Taylor, John, col’dcolored porter , Oak b First and Second
Taylor, Adam, col’dcolored drayman , c Fifth and Spruce
Tatu, John, grocer , 234 nnorth First
Tabor, Joseph, r Broadway above Cherry
Targee, Thomas B., auctioneer , r Seventh b Chesnut and Pine
TapeMrs., widow, 60 Locust
TallyMrs., widow, boarding-house , 16 ssouth First
Tanner, Edward, r Fourth b Murtle and Elm
Tablerd, Philis, col’dcolored washerwoman , c Seventh and Spruce
Tesson, E. P. (Berthold, T. & Co.Company ) 161 Walnut
Tesson M. & F. , grocers and drygoods merchants , 10 ssouth First
Tenney, C. F. P., baker , 9 nnorth Second; rresidence Washington avavenue b Seventh
and Eighth
Tetu, J. grocery , c Third and Greene
TesteuMrs., widow, c First and Plum
Tefft, Nelson, laborer , c First and Plum
Thomson, J. S. (Anderson & T. ) 148 nnorth Seventh