Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Tracy, Erastus, barkeeper , r 68 Locust
Trudeau, Dr., office 116 nnorth Second
Trotter, John, carriage maker , c Second and Cherry
Trainer, M., Fourth and Greene
Trowbridge, D.(Johnstone, Dreyer & T.) 34 nnorth Sixth
Troup, G., cooper , r 50 Market
Troop, T., cooper , r 50 Market
Tribbey, Elizabeth, mantuamaker and milliner , 79 Market
Traber, Henry, laborer , Eighth b Franklin avavenue and Wash
Treadway, Mrs.Susan, boarding-house , 108 Pine
Trask, George, (Lynch & T.) 66 Vine
Truck, Bernard, r Franklin avavenue b Fourth and Fifth
Treatlander A. & Co.Company , drygoods merchants , 41 ssouth First
Trimborn, Nicholas, r 146 ssouth Third
Tremberger, Joseph, carpenter , r Alley rear Fifth, near Convent
Track, Michael, drayman , Sixth below Spruce
Trahnder, A., tinner , Fifth b Poplar and Plum
Turnbull & Thurston , stationers and bookbinders , 132 nnorth First
TurnbullMrs., widow, Second b Lombard and Hazel
Tunot, Peter, carpenter , r Oedar b Second and Third
Tucker, William, drygoods merchants 104 nnorth First; rresidence 54 nnorth Sixth
Tucker, Joshua, miller , r Washington avavenue b Fourth and Fifth;—
corn meal and horse feed store, and grist mill, Oak b Second
and Third
Tucker, R., Cairo Coffee-house , 30 Olive
Tufts, A., merchant tailor , 29, nnorth First; rresidence 65 Pine
Turner, James, pilot , 95 nnorth Fourth
Turner, William J., r Seventh above Franklin avavenue
Tully, P., carpenter , r Alley rear Eighth near Wash
Tulbert, Samuel, r Washington avavenue b Fourth and Fifth
Tulbert, Mrs.S., mantuamaker , r Washington avavenue b Fourth and
TurpinMrs., widow, 150 nnorth Fifth c Morgan
Tunstall, Warrick, attorney-at-law , 57 Second c Olive; rresidence 132
Tye, William, r 87 Market
Tyler, George, boarding-house , 96 nnorth Third
Udamire, Joseph, tailor , r Spruce b Front and First
Ulrici C. & Co.Company , wholesale and retail dealers in groceries , 12 ssouth
First e Walnut
Ulrici, C.(C. U. & Co.Company ) 107 ssouth First
Ulm, Casper, r 12 Myrtle
Ulboand, Henry, tailor , c Fifth and St. Charles
Union Insurance Company , 83 nnorth First
Union Fire Company , engine house 108 nnorth Third
Union Coffee-house , by L. E.Peltier, , 12 ssouth First
Union Hotel , by Mrs.H.Farish, , c First and Prune
United States House , by J.Kelly, , 151 nnorth Third
United States Millitary Store , e Sixth and Locust