Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Walsh, Joseph, public administrator, justice of the peace, and no-
tary public , office 28 Pine
Walsh, F, carpenter , Second below Convent
Waisenberger, A., tailor , 197 nnorth First
Wlaters, C., saddler , 107 nnorth First
Walters, John, grocery , Front b Elm and Myrtle
Walkener, M., cabinet maker , c First and Spruce
Waverly House , by WilliamSalisbury, , 78 nnorth First
Watson, R. D., queensware store , 72 nnorth First; r c Eighth and Pine
Watson, James, grocer , 22 nnorth Second
Watson, Thoms, postmaster , r Fifth b Franklin avavenue and Wash
Watson, C., m. d. , r 35 nnorth Sixth
Watson, Dr., office 39 1/2 Chesnut
Walker & Kennett , dealers in drygoods , 26 nnorth First
Walker, J. B., attorney-at law , 38 nnorth Second
WalkerMrs., widow, Poplar b Third and Fourth
Wales Nelson & Co.Company , drygoods merchants , 57 nnorth First
Wale, Michael, carpenter , r 26 Greene
Warburton & King , wholesale dealers in drygoods, boots, shoes,
and hardware , 17 nnorth First
WadeMrs., widow, boarding-house , 36 nnorth Second
Walton S. D. & C. D. , llivery stable , c Locust and Fourth
Walton, C. D., Mansion House , c Furth and Locust
Walton Samuel, D., r Locust b Third and Fourth
Walton, Joseph, 33 St. Charles
WaughMrs., widow, Broadway above Cherry
Wanglin, Adolph, musician , 146 nnorth Fifth
Wallace, Samuel, boot and shoemaker , 149 nnorth Fifth
Waterman, David B., bricklayer , Eighth above Carr
Warrens, Luke, butcher , r 30 Pine
Warrnes, Charles, carpenter , r Seventh b Wash and Carr
Warren, R., saddle and harness maker , 33 ssouth First; rresidence 67 nnorth Second
Watkins, B. F., boarding-house , 13 Pine
Waters, Stephen, house carpenter , r Greene b Third and Fourth
Warne Thomas & Co.Company , grocers and drygoods, merchants , 23 ssouth
First c Walnut
Warne Thomas, s., grocer and drygoods merchant , 3 ssouth First; rresidence
Seventh b Spruce and Almond
Washington House , by JohnLux, , c Second and Myrtle
Wall, W., pastor of the Dutch Reformed Church , r 92 ssouth Second
Wall, Mathew, carpenter , r Fifth below Convent
Waner, A., soap and candle manufacturer , 74 ssouth Third
Waggoner, Stephen, pedler , Fifth below Convent
Wagooner, Nicholas, c Fourth and Almond
Watts, John, boatman , Plum b First and Second
Wayne, Louis, laborer , 55 ssouth Fifth
Walder, Joseph, carpenter , r 125 Walnut
Wait, W. B., carpenter , r 26 Myrtle
Washburn, Henry, baker , 54 Myrtle
Vare, Thomas, house carpenter , r c Myrtle and Sixth