Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
White, Hugh, pilot , Eighth b Morgan and Franklin avavenue
White, Marshall, schoolmaster , r Ninth near Morgan
Whitehill, J., house carpenter , (W. & Weston ,) 14 nnorth Fourth
Whitehill, William, carpenter , r 43 St. Charles
Whitehill & Weston , house carpenters , c Fourth and Greene
Whitemore, B. F., 78 nnorth First; rresidence Seventh above Wash
Wherry, D., M. D. , office 31 Pine
Wherry, Joseph A., clerk of the board of aldermen , r 112 Elm
Wharty, John, cabinet maker , Second above Oak
WhaleyMrs., widow, 80 Myrtle
Whitney, Abijah, captain of steamboat , 109 Myrtle
WhitickMary, widow, Poplar b Third and Fourth
Whitesides, Minney, col’dcolored washerwoman , c Second and Hazel
Wilson, Mark, wholesale dealer in groceries and boat stores , 3 nnorth
Front; rresidence 30 ssouth Seventh
Wilson, George, dealer in drugs , medicines, paints, etc., 5 nnorth First
Wilson, William, barkeeper , r Broadway above Cherry
Wilson, William R., painter , Eighth b Morgan and Franklin avavenue
Wilson, William, engineer , Greene b Seventh and Eighth
Wilson, Samuel, clerk , 1 ssouth First c Market
WilsonMrs., widow, Fifth b Poplar and Plum
WilsonMrs., widow, 17 ssouth Seventh
Williams, John, 256 nnorth First
Wilson, S. W., attorney-at-law , r Second b Cedar and Mulberry
Williams, Christopher C., tenpin alley , 71 nnorth Second
Williams, George H., clerk , 90 nnorth Second
Williams, E. L. R., painter , r Soulard’s addition
Williams, Robert, r Broadway above Cherry
Williams, Eliza A., col’dcolored washerwoman , Fifth near Wash
Williams, Frederick, r 30 nnorth Sixth
Williams, John H., bras founder , r Greene b Third and Fourth
Williams, Thomas, stone mason , Greene b Seventh and Eighth
Williams, Shadrach, boarding-house , Laurel b First and Second
Williams, Royer, laborer , 92 Spruce
Winters, J. A., boot maker , 108 1/2 nnorth First
Winters, Samuel, 5 ssouth Fourth
Willi & Dicks , merchant tailors , 66 nnorth First
Willi, Samuel, (W. & Dicks ,) 17 ssouth Third
Willey, Walter, Delphi Coffee-house , c Second and Olive
Willing, John, laborer , Alley rear Eighth c Wash
Wing S. & Co.Company , dealers in tin, copper and sheet-iron ware , 25
nnorth First
Wing, Sylvanus, (S. W. & Co.Company ) 29 ssouth Fifth
Wilgus & Bury , house, sign and steamboat painters, paper hang-
ers and glaziers , 33 nnorth Second
Wilgus, A. (W. & Bury ,) 101 Olive
Wislizenus, A., M. D. , office 20 nnorth Second
Winstandley, H. W., cabinet maker , 76 nnorth Second
Wilmer, Joseph, Lafayette Coffee-house , 11 nnorth Third
Wilkins, J. S., boot and shoemaker , 148 nnorth Third