Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Brown, James, drayman , Lombard b Second and Main
Brady, Thomas T., grocer , 48 nnorth Front
Brady, Anthony, laborer , Collins
Brady, Terrance, boarding-house , Collins
Brockway, H., auctioneer , 63 nnorth Front; rresidence 63 Greene
Brownly, A. S., foundary , 237 nnorth Main
Bridge, Rayburn & Co.Company , dealers in stoves, tin plates, copper and
iron ware, etc. , 152 nnorth Main
Bridge, Hudson E. (B. Raynurn & Co.Company ) 136 nnorth Fourth
Bridge, James, laborer , Seventh above Chouteau avavenue
Bredell E. & J. C. , wholesale dealers in drygoods , 2 nnorth Main
Bredell, E. (E. & J. C. B. ) 53 nnorth Fifth
Brooks, Edward, wholesale and retail druggist , 21 nnorth Main; rresidence
163 Walnut
Brooks, George, coppersmith , Oak b Second and Third
Brooks, Peter, superintendent of the Water Works , office 5 nnorth
Fourth; rresidence Sixth b Morgan and Greene
Brazeau, Mdme., 14 nnorth Second
Broking, H. D., grocer , 67 nnorth Second
Brenholt, Jacob, carpenter , r Second above Oak
Brewer, R., cooper , r Second above Oak
Brewer, MissE., bonnet maker , Broadway b Morgan & Frank-
lin avavenue
Bryan & White , lumber yard , c Pine and Third
Bryan, John, laborer , Alley b Eighth and Ninth above Franklin
Bryan, John, laborer , 187 nnorth Fourth
Brazils, James, grocer , 71 nnorth Third
Branagan, W., boarding-house , 85 nnorth Third
Brannigan, William, tailor , c Sixth and Wash
Branham, J., col’dcolored fireman , 87 nnorth Third
Branch Coffeehouse , by BenjaminRichards, , 13 nnorth Fourth
BransonMrs.Julia, widow, 50 nnorth Fourth
Brookmeyer, A., grocer , c Morgan and Fourth
Brookmeyer, Adam, boarding-house , Morgan b Fourth and Fifth
Britton, Edward, tailor , Broadway b Franklin avavenue and Morgan
Britton, John, drayman , 74 Locust
Broadway Cottage , by MissRenou, Broadway above Cherry
Broadway Tavern , by Nulty & Chapin , Broadway opposite the
Brandreth, Dr., office for sale of medicines , 56 1/2 Market
Brotherton, Marshall, sheriff , office c Fourth and Walnut; rresidence
Market b Seventh and Eighth
Brauconier, David, carpenter , Olive b Second and Third
Brewster & Hart , house builders , Locust b Fifth and Sixth
Burk, William, pilot , 65 Vine
Brant, John, 42 St. Charles
Brant, Col.J. B., c Fourth and Washington avavenue
Brinkley, W. H., boarding-house , Prune b Main and Second
Brigging, H., shoemaker , Franklin avavenue b Fourth and Fifth
Brana, John, laborer , Franklin avavenue b Fourth and Fifth