Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Burgess, Lorenzo Dow, blacksmith , Greene b Eighth and Ninth
Butts, MissSarah, English School , c Greene and Third
Budner, David, col’dcolored boatman , Morgan b Seventh and Eighth
Butler, David, col’dcolored cook , Morgan b Fourth and Fifth
Butler, Jacob, col’dcolored drayman , Main b Plum and Cedar
Buston, David, tinner , r Third below Convent
Bunlow, Mrs.Elizabeth, Alley b Third and Fourth above Mul-
Butcher, T., laborer , Fifth below Convent
Butcher, John, laborer , r Seventh below Chouteau avavenue
Busby, James, blacksmith , r Spruce b Second and Third
Burnard, Michael, laborer , Plum b Main and Second
Burlinger, Francis, carpenter , r c Cedar and Sixth
Byrles, Martin, boarding-house , 11 nnorth Fourth
Byrne, Mrs., fancy drygoods store , 30 Market c Second
Byrnes, Dennis, porter U. S.United States b military store , r Seventh b Wash
and Carr.
Callender, G. H., 141 Market
Cavender, John, merchant , 4 nnorth Front; r c Cedar and Third
Cavender, John, (Smith, Brothers & Co.Company ) 176 ssouth Third
Cabanné, J. P., 28 Vine
Cabanné, Jenny, col’dcolored washerwoman , Walnut b Eighth & Ninth
Cabrillac, H., grocer and commission merchant , 31 nnorth Front
Caferata, James, grocer and commission merchant , 65 nnorth Front
Cable, George, pilot , 260 Main
Carstens, Angelrodt & Co.Company , wholesale dealers in groceries , 165
nnorth Main
Carstens & Schuetze , wholesale and retail druggists , 163 nnorth Main
Canter, E., druggist , 160 nnorth Main
Carpenter S. P. & Co.Company , merchants , 156 1/2 nnorth Main
Carpenter S. P. & Co.Company , boot and shoe store , 58 nnorth Main
Carpenter, C. J., M. D. , office 20 Chesnut
Campbell, R. L., engraver , 102 nnorth Main
Campbell, John, segar store , 63 nnorth Second
Campbell, Dr.C., 138 nnorth Third; rresidence Broadway above Franklin avavenue
Carr, E. N., pawnbroker and exchange office , 57 1/2 nnorth Main
Carr, Archibald, lumber yard , Second above Cherry; rresidence Fourth
above Morgan
CarrMrs., widow, c Second and Mulberry
Carr, Rosy, col’dcolored washerwoman , Sixth b Spruce and Almond
Camden & Co., J. B. & M. , wholesale and retail drygoods mer-
chants , 26 nnorth Main
Camden, John, (J. B. & M. C. & Co.) 40 nnorth Second
Camden, Peter, do. 136 nnorth Third
Camden, J. 69 Market
Camp, C., tailor , Second above Oak
Camp, John, cooper , r Alley rear Fifth below Convent
Camp, Rachel, [col’dcolored ] Sixth b Myrtle and Elm