Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Chamber of Commerce
of the
city of St. Louis.
EdwardTracy, , President .
HenryVon Phal, , Vice-President .
F. L.Ridgely, , Secretary and Treasurer.
Tariff Of Charges, &C.
Established and recommended for general adoption, when no
agreement exists to the contrary.

Commissions. Per Cent.
On Sales of Merchandise or Produce, 5
On Sales of Lead, 2 1/2
Guarantee of Sales, on Time, 2 1/2
For Purchasing and Shipping Merchandise or Produce, with
Funds in hand, on the aggregate cost and charges,
2 1/2
For Accepting Drafts, or Endorsing Notes, or Bills of Ex-
change, without funds, produce, or bills of lading in hand,
2 1/2
For Cash Advances, in all cases, even with Produce or Bills
of Lading, (and interest from date,)
2 1/2
For Shipping to another market Produce, or Merchanise,
upon which Advances have been made,
2 1/2
For Negotiating Drafts or Notes, as Drawer or Endorser, 2 1/2
On Sale or Purchase of Stocks, 1
On Sale or Purchase of Boats, without guarantee 2 1/2
For Procuring Freight, on the amount of freight, 5
" Charterin Boats, 2 1/2
" Collecting Frieghts or Accounts, 2 1/2
" Collecting delayed and litigated Accounts, 5
" Collecting Dividends on Stocks, 1/2
" Adjusting Insurance Losses, 2 1/2
For Receiving and Remitting Moneys, from which no other
remuneration is derived,
For Effecting Insurance, when the premium amounts to forty
dollars or less,
$2 00
For Effecting Insurance, when the Premium exceeds forty
dollars on the amount of premium,
On Outfits and Disbursements, 2 1/2

[missing figure]
The above Commissions to be exclusive of Storage, Bro-
kerage, and every other charge actually incurred.

The risk of loss by fire, unless insurance be ordered, and of
robbery, theft, and other unavoidable occurrences, if the usual
care be taken to secure the property, is in all cases to be borne
by the owners of the goods.

Interest to be charged at the rate of Ten per cent. per annnm
on all debts, after maturity, until paid.