Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Periodicals, Pamphlets, and Magazines.
Carried not over 100 miles, one cent a sheet.
Carried over 100 miles, two cents a sheet.
Those not periodicals, for 100 miles or less, four cents a sheet.
Those not periodicals, over 100 miles, six cents per sheet.
No deduction will be made on postage of letter charged dou-
ble, treble, or quadruple, unless they are opened in the presence of the postmaster, his assistant, or some one belonging to the of-
Planters’ House and Insurance Company of
St. Louis.
William CarrLane, , President
Charles D.Drake, , Sect’y.
Charles R.Hall, , Treasurer.
HenrySpence, , Suprintendent of Building.
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